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  1. MK5 Heating Issue / Enquiry

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am aware of this. But when I checked, it seems my car already has this fix. Much appreciated.
  2. MK5 Heating Issue / Enquiry

    Thanks for you reply. I've owned many cars and none have ever done this. If it's how it is supposed to work, then fair enough, but I just think it doesn't add up. What if the passenger wants to sleep! Why would they design a car so that it pumps out cold air onto my hands and face when it's -4 outside, just in case I fall asleep! Hypothermia can cause drowsiness too you know! :) Joking aside, it really doesn't seem right. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
  3. I'm having an issue with my 2016 Ford Mondeo and I am not having much success with the dealer I bought it from. The issue is an odd one in that when the car has been running for about 30 to 40 minutes with the temperature set to a constant, such as 22 degrees, the vents start blowing out air at different temperatures. This happens whether Auto climate control is on or off. The windscreen vents blow out considerably cooler air than the face and floor vents. This is rather uncomfortable. I understand that the air temperature will change as the car attempts to control the temperature in the cabin, but I cannot understand why it would blow air of different temperatures from different vents. For instance, I can feel cool air on my forehead from the windscreen vents while there is warm air blowing at my feet. When I increase the temperature manually to try and stop the cool air from the windscreen vents, the floor vents become uncomfortably hot. The garage I bought the car from claims this is working by design. Is the car suppose to blow cool air from the windscreen vents while blowing warm air from the other vents? Many thanks, Marty
  4. Thanks @pragmatix. I actually agree that if AC was on, this would be correct behaviour. My old Mazda did as you describe when AC was on, cooling and heating as necessary. My issue with the Mondeo is that AC and AUTO are off, so I'd expect it to pump out air at a constant temperature. Anyway, I guess it works the way it works so no point me complaining! Cheers.
  5. Thanks guys. I tried a few things and it seems unless I'm constantly upping the temp as the journey continues, there's no way to stop it blowing out cold air. On Auto, it does as you say @GaryPL, and does seem to eventually start blowing air through the floor vents, sometimes even stopping altogether. This would be fine, but it still starts sending out cold air though the windscreen and side window vents quite a bit of the time. It's pretty irritating having a frigid breeze blowing on your forehead and right hand when the car is supposed to be heating the cabin. So auto is not the answer for me, it seems. Setting the temp to HI makes it too hot! :) No worries, as I said, I'll go back to slowly increasing the temp as I drive and try not to let it bug me too much! Thanks again folks. Very much appreciate the feedback.
  6. Sync 3

    Does Sync 3 have the really annoying issue in Sync 2 where it decides to re-index any music SD or USB card/stick almost every time you stop and start the car? That's been reported a lot and seems to have been a problem with Sync 2 for years. Also, is it possible to get a 2016 MK5 Mondeo upgraded to Sync 3? Would a dealer be able to do that? Thanks, Martin
  7. If it only blows from the floor vents when the car reaches the desired temp, do you not find that the windscreen fogs up on wet days?
  8. Thanks Gary. I assumed that auto was to keep the temp at the specify temperature, but as you say, it only controls the fan. I'll try auto and see how I get on. Cheers.
  9. Maybe this is how heating works in all cars now, but I'm having a little annoyance with my new MK5 Mondeo. Climate system power is on, I turn off climate control, aircon and also make sure the AUTO switch on the car temperature system is off. Then I set the heating to a temperature like 21 degrees. I get nice warm air coming through windscreen and floor vents. But as the car heats up, the air being pumped out (particularly from the windscreen vents) get's colder and colder. It's like it's adjusting the temperature of the air pumped out based on the increasing cabin temp. I really wouldn't expect it to do that unless I had AUTO switched on. I'd expect with aircon, climate control and the auto button off, it should just pump out 21 degree air constantly and not try to be clever about it. Does this sound right? I start each journey at 21 degrees and am increasing it by have a degree every 15 minutes to to keep the thing pumping out warm air. Many Thanks.