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  1. As my dealer has stated to me the 3 times its been in for this same problem " nothing showing in fault log so can not rectify a fault that dosnt appear"
  2. My car has been in 3 times with this problem , each time they say there is no fault log code showing on there pc, im waiting till it happens again then driving straight to dealer and see what happens.
  3. 2x Lock Car Key Keyless Entry Anti-Theft Fob Signal Blocker Pouch Faraday Bag UK i bought these of e bay £ 5.75 seem to work ok
  4. Hope you have a better dealer than mine, took it in for A/C pully to be done twice, both times they blamed ford for sending the wrong parts, still awaiting parts ariving after another week.
  5. Just wondering has anyone updated there version of maps from the Ford sync website and if so have they had any issues after installing ? Asking, because ive been told it might freeze the system.
  6. My car went in yesterday for the ford recall on a/c pully, anyways i asked them to update the maps on my edge, picked it up at 5pm and was told there wasnt any official update for the maps via ford! . Showed the lad on the desk the ford sync web page and he just shrugged his shoulders. Nice service when u can get it, btw they didnt have the part for recall so have to book it in again.
  7. Towing capacity for this vehicle is 3500 so shouldnt be a problem. pdf file with towing limits attached 18RV&TT_Ford_Edge_Oct9.pdf
  8. i tried dowloading from ford sync website , downloaded ok, but Dontindx msa file seems to be missing . tried a few times but with same result. Any answers ?
  9. Thats the site i have used and says my sync 3 is up to date, like you say were do you go from here.
  10. Had this warning come up on my dash about 4 times asking to check Adaptive Headlight ( see manual ) well checked manual and does not say much about any faults, car was at dealers for new wheels to be fitted so asked them to check it over, they said nothing showed up on diagonostic machine but it still happening ? Anyone else had this?.
  11. Towed a few times now and as you say Auto box does all the work for you, just put it in cruise control on long runs and it never misses a beat.
  12. With Global Open/Close Door/Sunroof, This is from my Ford Etis online build , just wondering if this means when i Global open / close my windows does the sunroof open /close at the same time ? I have tried it but sunroof has to be closed manually, anyone else tried this on there Edge.
  13. Just been to my local Ford delership to have them inspect the wheels on my Edge Vingale as i have noticed some marks around the inside edge of the wheels. They say the lacquer on all 4 wheels has started to flake away. Be worth anyone else with these wheels to have a good look to see if theres are going the same way. Dealership has ordered me 4 new wheels.
  14. Dont think you will find many answers on here, not much chance of this country seeing those temps.