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  1. bluepeter

    Sync 3 update

    Thats the site i have used and says my sync 3 is up to date, like you say were do you go from here.
  2. Had this warning come up on my dash about 4 times asking to check Adaptive Headlight ( see manual ) well checked manual and does not say much about any faults, car was at dealers for new wheels to be fitted so asked them to check it over, they said nothing showed up on diagonostic machine but it still happening ? Anyone else had this?.
  3. bluepeter

    first time towing in the edge

    Towed a few times now and as you say Auto box does all the work for you, just put it in cruise control on long runs and it never misses a beat.
  4. bluepeter

    sunroof open/closing

    With Global Open/Close Door/Sunroof, This is from my Ford Etis online build , just wondering if this means when i Global open / close my windows does the sunroof open /close at the same time ? I have tried it but sunroof has to be closed manually, anyone else tried this on there Edge.
  5. bluepeter

    vingale wheels.

    Just been to my local Ford delership to have them inspect the wheels on my Edge Vingale as i have noticed some marks around the inside edge of the wheels. They say the lacquer on all 4 wheels has started to flake away. Be worth anyone else with these wheels to have a good look to see if theres are going the same way. Dealership has ordered me 4 new wheels.
  6. bluepeter

    Indicators not working in the sun!

    Dont think you will find many answers on here, not much chance of this country seeing those temps.
  7. bluepeter

    New Edge

    My only advice would be to take someone with you when you collect your car, they always see something you dont. take as much time checking it over .
  8. bluepeter


    Does anyone have problems with there usb storage devices ? Every time i start the car up i get a message saying usb device not responding and the car radio goes to a A.M station, i mainly use it for music, but its becoming a pain removing stick and re-inserting just to get it working. Bought a new toshiba stick but this does the same as my old one.
  9. bluepeter

    Sunroof Won't Close

    I know were your coming from with faults, Ford seems to look at getting the cars off the production line and let dealers fix the faults after people take delivery of there cars. My edge was in the dealership more time than i care to remember. Eventually got the car rejected and have a Edge vignale but not without minor faults.
  10. bluepeter


    Had no trouble so far, think if you drive to the conditions and hope other road users do the same, the Edge does a good job in winter driving.
  11. bluepeter

    Freshened Ford Edge

    From what i can see just on pictures, i do like the auto gear selector over the normal one, other than that im not sure i like many other changes like removing the long light across the tailgate always thought this made the car different from any other car out there. Time will tell , it might grow on me.
  12. bluepeter

    Email address for ford complaints/reject car.

    Will agree with you there Laskababy, Washed my Edge vignale yesterday , looked stunning when i had finished , went out this morning started to rain so back to where i began with a filthy car, makes you wonder why we bother.
  13. bluepeter

    Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    Trouble with sat-nav its so out of date, my version is from 2014 how the hell on a 2017 car you get maps so far behind the times. Im Sure i have read on the forums about updates on american cars but none for the uk yet.
  14. You could contact Ford customer service, i had to wait 12 weeks for a trim for the inside of car so a door might take a lifetime. Good luck
  15. bluepeter

    Auto Mainbeam

    Go into main settings - vehicle- adaptive headlights- traffic setup- then shows right hand left hand setting.