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  1. New one on me, but think your right in thinking it's the speed recognition camera.
  2. When my auto re_lock didn't work, my Ford Dealer got a Ford engineer out for him to sort it, which he did.
  3. Could someone please put some fresh links on for stick 1@2 I'm having trouble using the ones already on this forum. Many thanks.
  4. Just phoned 3 Ford Dealers with regards to map updates. 2 said they don't do map updates,3rd wanted to charge me £89 for labour. Been onto Ford customer service, fat lot that did.
  5. Just a foot note on customer service from Ford Dealers. As I was having trouble downloading and installing the official map updates I contacted 3 Ford main dealers requesting help on the above matter , each and every one said the could not help as they didn't know anything about the updates being available, and if they helped I would be facing a bill for there help. £40,000 plus car and crap service.
  6. Will try things you suggest. This for your help.
  7. Hi Simon, I downloaded these files direct from fords website via sync updates. usb stick contains the following following in syncmyride folder GB5T-14G386-AB-TAR JR3T-14G422-BD-TAR JR3T-14G433- AB-TAR ALSO AUTOINSTALL.LST DONTINDX-MSA HOPE THIS HELP YOU AND ME.
  8. As my dealer has stated to me the 3 times its been in for this same problem " nothing showing in fault log so can not rectify a fault that dosnt appear"
  9. My car has been in 3 times with this problem , each time they say there is no fault log code showing on there pc, im waiting till it happens again then driving straight to dealer and see what happens.
  10. 2x Lock Car Key Keyless Entry Anti-Theft Fob Signal Blocker Pouch Faraday Bag UK i bought these of e bay £ 5.75 seem to work ok
  11. Hope you have a better dealer than mine, took it in for A/C pully to be done twice, both times they blamed ford for sending the wrong parts, still awaiting parts ariving after another week.
  12. Just wondering has anyone updated there version of maps from the Ford sync website and if so have they had any issues after installing ? Asking, because ive been told it might freeze the system.
  13. My car went in yesterday for the ford recall on a/c pully, anyways i asked them to update the maps on my edge, picked it up at 5pm and was told there wasnt any official update for the maps via ford! . Showed the lad on the desk the ford sync web page and he just shrugged his shoulders. Nice service when u can get it, btw they didnt have the part for recall so have to book it in again.
  14. Towing capacity for this vehicle is 3500 so shouldnt be a problem. pdf file with towing limits attached 18RV&TT_Ford_Edge_Oct9.pdf