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  1. Samandroid1998

    Sub Install MK7.5

    Could i not tap into the ignition switch from the stereo?
  2. Samandroid1998

    Sub Install MK7.5

    That didn't answer my question... I wanna know where the remote wire connects at the back of the stereo...
  3. Samandroid1998

    Sub Install MK7.5

    Hello, I am looking at installing a sub in the boot of my car. I am going to use a high to low converter to get my RCA's but I was wondering where is best to run the remote cable to? Also I will be using the standard headunit.
  4. Samandroid1998

    1.0 Ecoboost

    Update: I did as above suggested and the water seemed to stop the noise... It stopped for about 20 miles then now has started again 🤔
  5. Samandroid1998

    Stock stereo no track info over Bluetooth

    Any links?
  6. Hello, I am using an android phone with my stereo and no track info is showing on the screen? A few other friends have the info showing but mine doesn't?
  7. Samandroid1998

    1.0 Ecoboost

    Good idea... What else could it be then?
  8. Samandroid1998

    1.0 Ecoboost

    Hello, I've recently started hearing a slight screeching sound as if a belt is worn... It sounds like the aux belt... It's recently started going colder at night, unsure if that makes a difference? Thought it was an intercooler hose at first but it's doing it whilst idling and also when revving.
  9. Samandroid1998

    Focus MK2 windscreen Pilar clips

    Hello, was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm after the white clips for the windscreen Pilar trim as I snapped a couple whilst routing my microphone cable. Where can I get them from other than Ford as they're 80p each!! The part number is 6877869 if that helps. Cheers
  10. Samandroid1998

    Focus mk2 5dr Wind deflectors

    Yeah, I've fitted the clips into the windows and it seems to have solved it [emoji106]
  11. Samandroid1998

    Focus mk2 5dr Wind deflectors

    I've got some heko deflectors and the auto windows keeps stopping as if something's trapped... Is there any way round this?
  12. Samandroid1998

    Focus mk2 5dr Wind deflectors

    Cheers [emoji106] how much and where did you get them from?
  13. Samandroid1998

    Focus mk2 5dr Wind deflectors

    Did you all use the clips for the front windows or not? I'd read not to as it affects the auto windows...
  14. Samandroid1998

    Focus mk2 5dr Wind deflectors

    Hello, What's the best wind deflectors you've bought and price? Looking to get some for my mk2 5 door focus. Cheers
  15. Samandroid1998

    1.8 TDCI Mk2 fuel filter change

    What's the best way of doing a fuel filter change as I've read two ways of doing it... One using a syringe and another just cranking it over till it starts