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  1. I had a leak in my coolant system as well, had to keep refilling it every week or something. Used radflush as well because the colour of the tank was a rusty orange and so was the coolant but that didn't clean it either. Later my thermostat housing had broken where it the flow pipe from the radiator attaches to the housing, so I replaced it and found out that the gasket was worn to shreds. So might want to try that and don't lose the sensor. Six bolts to take off and it is quite cramped. Takes around 20 minutes and parts around £20 on eBay. I do have a spare aftermarket one if you're interested.
  2. I've read online that there are a lot of issues with the DPF's. Costs around £800 to get it replaced and should be done around 80k mileage. I am looking to buy a 2009 Fiesta 1.6 Titanium diesel and it done 68,000 miles but has had full Ford service history. I know its got heavy corrosion on the rear section of the exhaust. Just wanted to hear from others if they have had any issues with the DPF.
  3. Hey everyone, So I am looking to buy a used mk7 fiesta and I found a good deal on a 2011 titanium 1.4 automatic. Just wanted to know what the advantages and disadvantages are for manual and automatic in the fiesta's i.e RPM on motorway/city driving, fuel economy, maintenance issues, general feedback from driving both.
  4. Hello There is a used car I am interested in and its a 2011 Fiesta titanium mk7.5 1.4 petrol. It has some upgrades such as the sony stereo. I just wanted to know if there were any common problems with this model and things that I should look out for before making a decision. Also is it worth paying for an inspection from RAC/AA as my knowledge in cars is limited?
  5. Does that mean you can play and control audio on your phone from the stereo? i.e skip to next track by pressing a button.
  6. Hello I am looking to buy a used Mk 7 Fiesta. I will do around 1000 miles a month (200 on motorway, 50 in city a week) until October, and from then on it will be city driving so around 5000 miles annually so this is why I'm choosing petrol over diesel. I would like to have Bluetooth if not then definitely USB and AUX . I know titanium has all of this but not sure which other trim levels do as standard (maybe Zetec?) Currently when I drive at 70 it does just over 3000rpm in my mk6.0 1.3l petrol. I understand the newer engines are more fuel efficient and do more revs at high speeds (3000rpm at 60mph in 1.4l, that's what I've read online). I just wondered how many revs the 1.4l does at 70mph compared to the 1.6l engine and which one is worth looking at. I have a £4,000 budget any suggestions?
  7. He told me there was a "bump" on the bumper and that the bumper was reshaped to get the dent out, so still the original bumper and I believed him. But after the inspection I realised it takes a lot of damage and cost for it to be a Cat D and the inspection confirms that there was work done to both rear wings as well. The seller slowly opened up about it and now also mentioned the tyres so I'm gonna stay away from it.
  8. Just got an inspection done and I've attached the report below. I don't know much about cars but do you think it's worth buying? I know I'll have to buy a new alloy wheel not sure how that much costs, get the rear bumper replaced in the near future and locking wheel nuts removed and replaced on top of reprogramming a new key from a dealer. They're asking £3800 for the car but I think I'll give an offer of £2,800.
  9. Pretty sure he doesn't have both the key for the locking wheel nuts and the owners handbook. Had a look online the Ford website and can't seem to find anything on changing the self locking option. Anyone know how much it costs for the owner's handbook and how to get the key for the locking wheelnut or get the existing ones removed and replaced?
  10. Had the same problem on my 52 plate 1.3 Fiesta petrol. The problem could either be the hoses or it could be the problem that I had which was the thermostat housing. If you follow the hoses it'll take you to a black box on the right hand side of the engine. There is also a wire connected to the top of the box which is for the sensor. The housing contains the thermostat which you can get off eBay for about £20 and the problem is that either the gasket has been damaged so there is no watertight seal or it could be that the housing is worn away which causes it to leak (I had these problems). Takes about half an hour to put it and it is quite fiddly to remove the 6 screws especially the ones at the bottom.
  11. Thank you everyone for the help I really appreciate it. @jace1969 thanks for the website I verified the VIN from there. So I went to see the car and there is no spare tyre instead its one of those kits. But it looked quite empty. There were lots of slots for stuff to go in but there were only 3 things in there. Two things for puncture repair which I'm assuming is a pump and a compressor and there was a towing hook as well. Nothing else including the locking wheel nut. Is this normal? I'm getting an inspection done from RAC cost me £219 I also found out the hard way it comes with only 1 key and it self locks. I started the engine and went to have a look under the bonnet and closed the drivers door as I did. After inspecting the bonnet the drivers door wouldn't open and then the seller told me it self locks. Poor guy had to wait 3 hours for the AA to come and rescue him. He had about 1/6 left in his fuel tank from what I remember. Anyone know roughly how much it costs to get another key cut? From what I've seen I have to go to Ford (because there's only one key) and they'll use a diagnostic tool so they'll charge an hour for labour (about £108) and then the key is £60 if I've got a key code which I don't think he has.
  12. Hello I saw an ad for a 2010 ford fiesta titanium 1.6 titanium petrol. It's got a maroon interior and I'm going to view the car today. I know it's a cat D so I'll get an inspection done by a professional (RAC or Dekra) and it's done low mileage 27k on the clock. Had a look at MOST history and it's all clear apart from advisories on tyres. Just wanted to know if if there are any tips when I inspect it such as any common problems to look out for or of there were any recalls for this model. This is my first post so apologies if I rattled on for too long.