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  1. I've heard of a few cooling issues with these engines mainly
  2. Yeah been told to stay away from AET! Heard of a few problems not long after mapping from them. What's the problem with the boxes?
  3. I've got myself a Mk7.5 fiesta with a 1.0 Ecoboost Engine (125 model) heard a few horror stories about the reliability of the engine so I was wondering what goes wrong with these engines and what can I do to prevent them?
  4. Im so glad you replied, you have no idea how long ive been looking at squares ones to suit the car!
  5. Looking at getting some new alloys for my fiesta with the plan of lowering it a little after. Just wanting to get peoples opinion on what alloys would suit the candy blue fiesta, preferably not XXR 527's, they're pretty common although are nice!
  6. Thanks guys! Ill look at getting the buttons replaced!
  7. If you're not wanting to lower your car, thicker diameter anti roll bars could be a shout
  8. Just recently bought a second hand Fiesta Ecoboost and the steering wheel controls for the audio work intermittently, don't know of this is a common fault. Just wanting to know how to fix it, will happily be guided to a forum if this has been asked before!
  9. Hi there, new to the page! I recently bought a 1.0T Fiesta Zetec S and was wondering if and how i can add bluetooth? Bluetooth just makes it all a bit easier rather than having the Aux cord get in the way etc...
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