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  1. Danny|92

    The TronFez build thread

    Saw this at The Ford Bible meet today and knew I'd seen it before somewhere! Looks good in person buddy! Also, the "Tron Fez" plate is a nice touch!
  2. Danny|92

    ThaiFiesta's Mk7.5 Fiesta Ecoboost

    Sorry me again, pretty sure I've got the sizes etc right so these should fit shouldn't they? (On a Fiesta Red Edition that is) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/21Pcs-M12x1-5-Black-Alloy-Wheel-Hex-Locking-Lug-Nuts-Blot-Key-For-Ford-Focus-KA-/152505149217?epid=933562092&hash=item238203e721:g:Cu4AAOSwMvtZRNsr
  3. Danny|92

    ThaiFiesta's Mk7.5 Fiesta Ecoboost

    Looks good! I've been meaning to get some black wheel nuts to match the gloss black wheels. Silver ones stand out too much 🙄
  4. Danny|92

    2016 Red Edition Fiesta

    Haven't had chance to get a picture yet, its been raining both nights. I found the link, it was from eBay but the seller has stopped doing them now by the look of it and I can't find the same one anywhere else unfortunately. Here's the link for reference anyway: http://ebay.eu/2v6h7FA No idea, as far as I know it was simply a case of cutting the old box off, making a sleeve for the different size pipes and attaching the new box. However, I have neither the knowledge or equipment to do it myself so I paid my local exhaust place (PowerFlow) to do it for me.
  5. Danny|92

    2016 Red Edition Fiesta

    Luckily there was just a small bend in one of the bracket arms so was an easy enough fix! I'll be paying more attention from now on that's for sure! And yeah if its not raining later I'll grab one, if not tonight whenever I get chance.
  6. Yeah I hadn't seen it before I tried it out but it seems to be something that's catching on a little now! Don't be so sure about yours, my brother has a white Corsa and he's done white pinstripe on his deflectors and it doesn't look too bad. You can get a roll of tape for about £3 on Amazon so if you don't like it you can always take it off again.
  7. Yeah its a nice simple touch on the deflectors but makes a noticeable difference! Thanks! I'm glad you like it
  8. In case anybody sees this thread and is wondering the same thing, having now done it I can confirm it is a straight swap, all you need is the back box and a 45-55mm sleeve to connect the pipes.
  9. The stripes are a nice touch! Give it a nice sportier look without being over the top.
  10. Danny|92

    2016 Red Edition Fiesta

    I must find an excuse to go into town and park in the multi-storey to do just that 🙄
  11. Danny|92

    2016 Red Edition Fiesta

    I'm pretty happy with it to be honest. The stock exhaust basically made no noise so its nice to have a little bit of noise when you get further up the rev range. 3000-3500K RPM seems to be the sweet spot for being able to hear it over the engine sound when you're in the drivers seat and there is a nice little "burble" when you come off the throttle around the same rev range. I mostly got it for the aesthetics as it finishes off the back end but the sound is an added bonus.
  12. Danny|92

    2016 Red Edition Fiesta

    So update time. I've had the ST back box on for about a week but haven't posted because of a small incident with one of the mudflaps (I nudged a curb a bit too hard and pulled it off) but now everything is sorted thankfully! The car is looking really good in my opinion but I'll let the picture speak for itself and you can make your own minds up! Along with the TRC diffuser, RallyFlapz, de-badge and ST back box I have finally managed to replace the number plate bulbs with white LED's from CEUK. If you remember earlier on in this thread I mentioned that I couldn't get the right housing out, but with brute force I finally managed today! Here's what the clip that holds the housing in place should look like: And here's what it actually looked like once I managed to pry it out: I may just replace them with the full LED unit from CEUK but for now I've bent it roughly back into shape and stuck with the bulbs. I hope you all like the changes, as I said, I'm super happy with it right now!
  13. Looking good, I look forward to seeing the updates.
  14. Danny|92

    The TronFez build thread

    I look forward to seeing it!
  15. Danny|92

    Fiesta Zetec S Mk7.5 Modifications

    Heko make them for the 3 door mk7.5, you can get them from eBay or Amazon.