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  1. Not really an update but I went out yesterday and got a few new pictures, just to make the most of the nice weather while it lasts! This is how the car looks now and I'm finally happy with it after 2 and a half years 😅
  2. Nice, they will look sick with the lower springs too! They are 7J aren't they? You thought about getting some spacers just to fill the arches out? I've put 20mm on the back and 15mm on the front and looks so much better IMO.
  3. Are those the Sparco Trofeo's? I keep looking at them for my Red Edition, but can't decide whether they'd look good or not. Will look amazing on that Black ST though!
  4. UPDATE. Wow, its been a long time since I was on here, 2 years in fact since my last post! Had a question from somebody so may as well give an update on the car while I'm here for anybody that is interested seeing as quite a lot has changed! Here's the current modification list for the car: Triple R Composites Front Splitter Triple R Composites Side Skirts Triple R Composites Rear Diffuser Triple R Composites Spoiler Extension Triple R Composites Eyebrows Cobra Sport Cat back Exhaust Airtec Stage 2 Induction Kit Mountune Primary Induction Hose Mountune Secondary Induction Hose Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs (30/35mm) Eibach Pro Spacers 15mm (Front) Eibach Pro Spacers 20mm (Back) Revo Stage 1 Engine Re-map Performance Creations RallyFlapz **To save time before anyone asks, no I don't know where the rear lights are from, they were on the car when I bought it** If anybody wants to follow me I'm on Instagram: @danny_fzs
  5. The K&N filter won't change how the exhaust sounds if that's what you're asking. There is a slight increase in turbo noise when you let off the throttle but that's about it. Don't expect much.
  6. Saw this at The Ford Bible meet today and knew I'd seen it before somewhere! Looks good in person buddy! Also, the "Tron Fez" plate is a nice touch!
  7. Sorry me again, pretty sure I've got the sizes etc right so these should fit shouldn't they? (On a Fiesta Red Edition that is) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/21Pcs-M12x1-5-Black-Alloy-Wheel-Hex-Locking-Lug-Nuts-Blot-Key-For-Ford-Focus-KA-/152505149217?epid=933562092&hash=item238203e721:g:Cu4AAOSwMvtZRNsr
  8. Looks good! I've been meaning to get some black wheel nuts to match the gloss black wheels. Silver ones stand out too much 🙄
  9. Haven't had chance to get a picture yet, its been raining both nights. I found the link, it was from eBay but the seller has stopped doing them now by the look of it and I can't find the same one anywhere else unfortunately. Here's the link for reference anyway: http://ebay.eu/2v6h7FA No idea, as far as I know it was simply a case of cutting the old box off, making a sleeve for the different size pipes and attaching the new box. However, I have neither the knowledge or equipment to do it myself so I paid my local exhaust place (PowerFlow) to do it for me.
  10. Luckily there was just a small bend in one of the bracket arms so was an easy enough fix! I'll be paying more attention from now on that's for sure! And yeah if its not raining later I'll grab one, if not tonight whenever I get chance.
  11. Yeah I hadn't seen it before I tried it out but it seems to be something that's catching on a little now! Don't be so sure about yours, my brother has a white Corsa and he's done white pinstripe on his deflectors and it doesn't look too bad. You can get a roll of tape for about £3 on Amazon so if you don't like it you can always take it off again.
  12. Yeah its a nice simple touch on the deflectors but makes a noticeable difference! Thanks! I'm glad you like it
  13. In case anybody sees this thread and is wondering the same thing, having now done it I can confirm it is a straight swap, all you need is the back box and a 45-55mm sleeve to connect the pipes.
  14. The stripes are a nice touch! Give it a nice sportier look without being over the top.
  15. I must find an excuse to go into town and park in the multi-storey to do just that 🙄