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  1. The trim is held in place by double sided tape from the factory , both trims on my daughters Fiesta came loose and were re secured by my local windscreen installer. They cost about £50.00 a pair to replace from Fords. 😮
  2. Pid16v, both my Titanium X estates had / have auto fold mirrors - my sadly written off 58 reg 2.5T and my current one a 60 reg 2.0 Ecoboost. Can you not check the spec of your car on Etis.
  3. BigShuggs your reverse sensor problem sounds like the one I had on my car - it turned out to be the reversing sensor buzzer was faulty and when replaced for the grand total of £12 from Ford all was well. The buzzer was located in the roof lining by the rear interior light and what a faff to locate and pain to remove as it is glued to the lining I should have left it there 😮 and the wiring could have been a bit longer. My car is the estate version so your buzzer could be located in the boot area if your is a hatchback - found that out the hard way after stripping the back end of my car out completely. 😣
  4. The bulb is a 501 also called a wedge bulb and it will be a 5 watt rating.
  5. Have you tried changing the wheels from the front to the back in case you have buckled wheel or check you haven't lost a weight. Have you also checked the wheel bearings for play.
  6. If I had this problem on my car I would contact a auto gearbox specialist as they may have come across this problem before or can advise you what you need to do as you already have fault codes.
  7. Sounds like you have popped the bumper out of the locating holes in the centre so you will have to loosen / slide the bumper forward to be able to relocate the pegs again. Sadly it is quite an involved job - lights out, under tray off, etc.
  8. If you fit a towbar mounted rack and the bikes cover either the number plate or rear lights you should fit a lighting board and number plate to stay legal as the Police take a dim view of bikes covering lights and number plates - I used one on both a Peugeot 406 estate and a Ford Freda and the bikes covered either the lights or the plate so I couldn't win.
  9. Airbox has to be removed to fill the gearbox .
  10. Had mine done by my friendly Ford mechanic using Ford oil and filter.
  11. I would take it back to them to listen to it as they have worked on the box. Had mine done yesterday and as you say the oil / filter change makes a noticeable difference to the box.
  12. Had my oil and filter change done today by my friendly Ford mechanic for a bargain £120 and it transformed the box it is so smooth now it is like new and he said the old oil was in good condition not black like some of the oil changes they do. Money well spent me thinks. ☺
  13. Yep mine is definitely a powershift box and a bill for £1600 for a gearbox rebuild still under guarantee from the dealer when I bought the car due to a missed oil and filter change was an expensive mistake by someone.
  14. Every three years or 37000 miles that's why I am getting mine done even though I have only done 16000 miles in three years.
  15. Seen my friendly ford mechanic today with a view to getting the oil and filter changed on mine next week - my car came with a receipt for a new clutch and rebuild for almost £1600 due to the fact a previous owner had not had an oil and filter change 😣 The work was done just over three years ago - well 37 months ago and has only covered 16000 miles since but better safe than sorry.