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  1. To be honest, I am not sure. I think they are electronically controlled , that's the case with my 2.2. After a quick Google it looks like it isn't a replaceable part, but I did find refurb options. Depending on what equipment you have at home you could take it off yourself and try replace that part from a second hand turbo, If it's anything like the 2.2 it won't be easy. Can't guarantee this though never had the problem
  2. if this happens RUN! (If your brave , pull a few pipes off)
  3. Jono94


    As iFocus says it's possible but may cause hassle down the line but your probably looking at 350-650 in terms of cost. If it's causing trouble , I would look into getting some sort of DPF active regen service and with that have a Terraclean.
  4. Dont know if this is relevant, but when I put a second hand engine in my focus it was the 1.8tdci from a mk2 not a mk2.5 and there are some differences between the two, this is what ford told me, and still ran. Also I highly recommend on changing the camblet on the 1.8 before you start it, they are prone to snapping, or in my case, the teeth shredding. Good Luck!
  5. Hard work detailing, requires alot of time, but I always do my mondeo by hand. I follow WhiteDetails on Youtube, Give him a watch he really knows his stuff and produces some excellent finishes. Good Luck!
  6. just the whooshing sound, I had a 1.8 focus and the EGR pipe split on that and it sounds similar. I got some sensor data out of it and it's boosting to 25psi. I am not entirely sure if it's down on power, I have only had the car for 2-4 months
  7. Hi, You can try cleaning the EGR valve and see what happens, not entirely sure on the process though on the Mondeo 2.0. In my experience it doesn't matter how you drive. I booted my focus 1.8tdci everywhere and the EGR valve and inlet manifold still got clogged up, but never coasted too much so cant provide any thoughts on that. However if the light came on I would expect fault codes to be registered in memory on the ECU. Try getting a fault code reader yourself and when,or if, it happens again have a look. I have the bluetooth dongle on the way which hooks up to an App I have (Au
  8. Hi all, I have Mondeo 2.2 09 plate. I think I have a boost leak (the distinct whooshing noise is hard to miss when the windows are down). I have checked the intercooler pipes and they are good. Induction pipe onto the turbo is fastened correctly (No movement at the turbo end) and there is nothing blocking the airflow around the airbox. Does anyone have any ideas on where else it can be? Thanks, Jono
  9. Thanks for the info and the offer but I will order some of ebay at the weekend :) you might need them some time! Although I don't think it is the actuator as it pulls well through the gears.
  10. It is frustrating,I get the wastegate noise at all temps , however it is abit louder when its cold. I haven't checked the actuator it self, any ideas on how to do this? Yeah I originally thought that , however the rear shocks have been looked at and I am told everything is fine! I am tempted to remove the rear bumper and take it for a spin to see if it does it! I have also had a lot of the rear trim out put padding everywhere but still no luck :(
  11. Hi all, I have been trying to figure out these two issues with my mk2.5 for a while now, so I guess it's time to ask you guys ! Wastegate Over the past 3-5 months I have noticed a lot of wastegate noise when I change gear at around 2000-2200, has anyone else experienced this? If so what solved the problem? I have done all the usual checks, such as the EGR pipe and both intercooler pipes off everything looks ok. I have also had a mechanic take the turbo pipe off and there is no movement on turbo shaft. Annoying rattle I have had this rattle for a long time and it
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