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  1. tangotwo

    Best Mats MK7

    I have just received these £39.99 quality mats from Cyberspares http://www.cyberspares.co.uk/list.php?cat=18
  2. tangotwo

    hello kuga owners

    Anybody know where Kuga's are assembled? After the snow and the resulting bomb crater spec potholes around here I am thinking of getting one.
  3. tangotwo


    If anybody is planning to fit mudflaps this is what they look like on a Tango car. It only took about an hour to fit them.
  4. tangotwo

    Fuel Cap Cover

    Try pressing further in from the edge.
  5. tangotwo

    Paint Peeling inside wheel arch!

    Look on the bright side - there is no danger of it rusting!
  6. tangotwo

    Awesome car but a few small gripes

    It's wrong. I can assure you there is no way to enable a a non existent temperature gauge. I owned a 2.7D XF for one year and my present 3.0D S for six months. Why would Jaguar disable such a useful facility?
  7. tangotwo

    Awesome car but a few small gripes

    There is no indication of coolant temperature which can be very useful. An "Engine Overheating" message is no better than a warning light as it only appears after something has gone seriously wrong. :o
  8. tangotwo

    Awesome car but a few small gripes

    Neither does the Jaguar XFS!
  9. tangotwo

    Swirl Marks

    I have found Sonus Wunder Drying Towels are the best water absorbers. They are highly recommended by professional detailers.
  10. tangotwo

    O/T What are you up too

    How did you manage to get three days off over a bank holiday? :rolleyes:
  11. tangotwo

    Fiesta Zetec.jpg

  12. tangotwo


    This is a good one - http://www.topgear.com/uk/videos/sensible-fiesta
  13. tangotwo

    Pics of my girlfriend naked in Fiesta

    I clicked to see if I knew her!
  14. tangotwo

    Ambient Lighting Pics

    Connects an iPod to the AUX input.
  15. tangotwo

    Ambient Lighting Pics

    I have just bought one of THESE on eBay