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  1. Bike carrier for car without tow kit

    Thanks Dan, I can get this in Halfords, so that's perfect. I presume I just pull the fuse for the rear wiper to make sure it wont come on when I put car into reverse, but that's easy enough!! :-)
  2. Bike carrier for car without tow kit

    Thanks Avi, I should have mentioned due to a shoulder injury, I cannot lift over my head, so I'm stuck with rear mounted. I really only need to move one bike, maybe once a month so my budget is 250stg or less.
  3. I've a 2016 Focus TitaniumX hatch back, I'm looking to buy a bike carrier for it, I've no towing kit on the car, so it'll need to be one of the strap on/strap off type ones. Anyone got some suggestions on what to get? I'm totally lost looking at the options, and some manufacturers are confusing in what they say will and wont fit my car
  4. Finally time to reply, went into a dealers and refused to move until they got the lead mechanic to look at it. a couple of twists of a screwdriver later, lights are now sorted. they were pointing so far high, that the autoleveling didn't seem to work, but was, all is good before and after pics below
  5. I've a 2016 Ford with Xenon headlights , the auto-leveling doesn't seem to be working, and the lights seem even on normal load with just driver in car to be a little high. Filled the car with fuel last night, and went from not blinding on-coming cars to lighting up to 300/400 meters ahead on the motorway.Truck drivers and other drivers not impressed. I've had the car in with the local Ford dealers here in Ireland, but since Titanium X's aren't even sold here, and "Adaptive Headlamps Bi Xenon" aren't a common option selected here, the dealer didn't know much about them. I was initially told to use the adjustment dial beside the light switch, so my confidence in the dealer is pretty low. They've checked and told me the system is fine, but it's obviously not. I'm pretty sure all they've done is hooked up the computer and got no error codes The car had a minor coming together with a fox, and wheel arch liner and a part of the under tray were replaced. There were zero warnings on the dash. Could this is cause of the problems? Can anyone suggest pointers to bring to another dealer, so they can fix it, or home made short term fix, until I can get the car to a dealers that more used to the lightening system?