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  1. help - newbie here

    the horn has stopped working now too haha... o dear! and i dont know how this site works yet im new so i dont know how to check if my post has been answered... hopefully gettin a new horn next week and still havent found where the leak is from, also where is the fusebox so i can change it? lol thanks
  2. help - newbie here

    nobody answers oon here...
  3. leak into passangers footwell

    mine does this too... thanks for the advice i will try to sort mione out now lol... did you ever get yours sorted?
  4. My KA

    My KA
  5. help - newbie here

    hello all... im new to the site and car world. (just getting into the car shows such as The Fast Show at Santa Pod) i drive a 2001 black ka, tinted windows and bright pink and silver spots down the sides! the only thing is is that it has a leak in the passenger footwell... can anyone help me... is this a common fault? and also my !Removed! lighter wont work... any ideas on what could be wrong? thanks Sophie