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  1. NeilRS

    Quickclear front screen

    I’ve only used my heated. Screen once and it was utterly useless. I was 20 minutes into my journey before I could see it working- by which time I’d had to clear it by traditional means. Now I know why!
  2. NeilRS

    Self parking

    I’ve managed to scrape an alloy all on my own!
  3. NeilRS

    Flat battery- charging advice

    Surely If its a 2 year service interval it’s a 2 year service interval! My oil message came on at about 17 months so I got it serviced then. I certainly won’t be taking it every year if the manufacturer says it doesn’t need it.
  4. NeilRS

    Flat battery- charging advice

    I’ve got a ctek charger that you can plug directly into the tow bar electrics- quite handy
  5. NeilRS


    Mines a mar 17 reg and is down as 230. I could never understand why some of the early reviews said it was slow- I’ve always thought it’s a pretty quick car for its size.
  6. NeilRS


    Had my letter yesterday. Thing is- mine as already been replaced as it packed in last summer. Should I still get it done anyway do you think? My worry is they just put the a new version of the same part back in
  7. NeilRS

    Google maps on sync 3

    Over on the Focus RS sites people are talking about google maps now being available on synch 3 through CarPlay. Looks really smart with the satellite maps. I’m out of the country at the moment otherwise I’d check- is it working on the Edge?
  8. NeilRS

    What to look for when buying ?

    Oh ok- thank you.
  9. NeilRS

    What to look for when buying ?

    I know- but in the llist above my post £195 doesn’t feature anywhere?
  10. NeilRS

    What to look for when buying ?

    my Annual tax is £195. March 2017 registered auto sport. Seems odd?
  11. Nice write up. I’m 20 months in and 17500 miles. Only snag I’ve had is a worn steering wheel and an air conditioning pump which ate itself- both replaced under warranty. I’m like you in that I really like the car, but doubt very much I’d have another one. That said I see no reason to change the car so may end up keeping it for 10 years. I like there’s not many about- like that it’s quick for its size and handles well- like it’s Uber quiet and comfy- love the size of the boot and rear leg room- it is slightly too big for me though, but that’s my fault.
  12. NeilRS

    Low oil level warning

    Yep. I had exactly the same at 16000 miles. Topped it up with a litre of oil and within another 200 miles or so I got the ‘change oil’ message. Given advice on here I booked it in for its first service. Have you had your first service done yet?
  13. NeilRS

    What would you do ?

    Has the mustang got a 2.7? I thought it was the 2,3 from the Focus RS
  14. NeilRS

    What would you do ?

    Quite like the Skoda. Love the Edge but not sure I love it enough to replace it with another Edge.
  15. NeilRS

    What would you do ?

    I’d enquire about ordering a new one and go for that. I doubt you can buy a new old one now anyway.