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  1. Advice needed for fitting tow bar and electrics on Edge

    So they don’t have to pay for a warranty claim. Apologies if that wasn’t clear.
  2. Advice needed for fitting tow bar and electrics on Edge

    That is a fair saving. As it fiddles with the electrical system though how would you stand in terms of warranty? Thinking more of giving Ford an escape route for any future warranty claim.
  3. Oil leaks from Gearbox case

    What intervals are these supposed to be- am I right in thinking it 18000 miles or 18 months?
  4. Traffic sign recognition

    Or just press the button on the end of the left hand stalk
  5. Tyre life

    I’m just over 11000 miles and I’d say the fronts are over half worn- which is disappointing.
  6. Heated steering wheel slowly dieing.

    I also thought it was a bit of a gimmick-.but it was a relatively cheap extra so I thought why not! But I absolutely love it!
  7. Heated steering wheel slowly dieing.

    Mine has never heated the 9-11 I clock position- which is where my left hand always is so it’s effectively only 50% effective. Will wait for it’s first service to get it sorted.
  8. Advice needed for fitting tow bar and electrics on Edge

    Didn’t know uo could turn the rear sensors off
  9. Rear seats

    Kelvins recommendation worked for me- thanks Kelvin
  10. Edge bike rack

    I got a little trailer for £150 with a roof rack bike rack fitting in it- but you’ll need a tow bar. I would avoid the tail gate ones because the metal on the tailgate is very soft as I found out to my cost!
  11. Noisy heated seats

    Are the heated seats good though? Mines very early 17 but I’ve never heard a noise so maybe I haven’t got fans- the heated ness isn’t particularly good though
  12. Rear seats

    I have the problem but haven’t had it rectified. Pretty sure they’re all the same. Doesn’t bother me so will just wait till it goes on firvits first service
  13. Noisy heated seats

    Shouldn’t be any noise. The cooled seats make a noise, but not the heating.
  14. LED Replacement Bulbs

    That’s what it should do mate. It’s not your side lights that are on all the time, it’s your day time running lights. The day time running lights go out if your indicating to make your indicators more obvious. They come back on when you stop indicating. Not sure if that also happens when you have your side lights on, but I presume not,
  15. LED Replacement Bulbs

    I’ve had a bit of a revelation with my lights-.my main issue with them was they only light up about 8 foot in front of you. The other light I turned the little inner knob all the way clockwise- and it has extended the throw quite a bit. Still rubbish, but better