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  1. Induction Kit, Worth It...?

    Hi, I have recently bought a Focus 1.6 Zetec 3dr 2004 , 40,887 miles to date. Quite quick as standard for everyday car and MPG but would enjoy more power. Does anyone offer advice on whether an induction kit would offer me much performance and any plus BHP or will it be a waste of money. Any advice on what to choose e.g. KnN 57i or Pipercross.....? Thanks. p.s. hope this was posted into correct message board - Newbie lol
  2. hood lock

    very strange - sure battery not dead from radio or lights? tried jump leads or rolling start?, should only have door and boot alarms on Zetec Ghia - ST not lx cl. interior scan and perimeter alarm was £250 option when new, you would hear an alarm and once you open doors with key the alarm should deactivate immobiliser anyway and car should start or retrigger the alarm. No immediate solution from me sorry but dont think change of hood lock is related to starting probs.
  3. Is It My Driving Style

    Sounds like genuine turbo lag which all injection turbo diesels suffer from at low revs this happens because the turbo will be set to open up at a certain rev count usually 1800 - 2000 then will die off again at about 3600 thats why you have a slow climb, I dont think it is your driving style but if your used to a petrol car they do rev differently, My advice would be to get the most out of your gears keep your foot quarter to half way till you feel the torque hit you in the back (1800-2000) this lets you know when the turbo is open then push gas further till around 3200 - 3400 before changing gear then the revs should roll over at 1800 - 2000 to the next gear which will give no lag and continuous power. I had a 306 D turbo for 2 years and drove it harder than this and it never failed once. lol