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  1. As far as I am aware, they're on the same basis as HID lights - they have to be fitted in a projector housing. They are made by a U.K. Company so I don't see any reason for them not being legal. Don't take my word for it, I'll have to read up on it and get back to you!
  2. I've recently ordered and installed nighteye H7 led headlight bulbs. im not sure if I should have but I had to slice a hole in the dust cover to get the heat sink to fit? Thoughts? and another thing, I've just taken the car out for a spin tonight, it doesn't seem that the beam pattern on the lights line up? and they don't seem to be overly bright? Would anyone like to put their ten pence in on this? Thanks! :)
  3. Ahhhh I see! Thanks for the clarification everyone! I'll have a proper look tomorrow I've only glanced through it quickly.. Thank you! Best investment I've made by far. I don't understand how I lived with that 1.25, although the new one is only a 1.0😂
  4. I didn't buy the car from a Ford Garage? And as far as I am aware I've nothing to say that I have a warranty? Or will they take into account the age of the car and take it as it is and assume it's under warranty? ...if that makes sense?
  5. I've just realised I've been posting everything in the wrong section, apologies to anyone and everyone🙄 ANYWAY.. Ive very recently bought a 65 Plate Fiesta Black Edition (140ps) the car is unbelievable compared to my last Fiesta Edge (60ps) - I know. But there's a slightly annoying problem with the seatbelt, I've managed to make it work (sometimes) but I'd like to get it solved. This the post:
  6. I've done it! Bought a 65 Fiesta Black Edition! But there's only one problem, been back to the garage but they want it back in on Monday to see if they can resolve it, but i think it's easy enough to fix myself. The passenger side seat belt won't come out, it's jamming as if it's been pulled hard, even when it's being pulled gently, it comes if you wiggle it and push and pull back, but it's obviously not as it should be.. any ideas? PLEASE😏
  7. Total price, is the price of the car plus their admin fee, deposit is the value of my car total credit is the amount to pay for the car, below that is the additional fees followed by the 'total amount' and the interest over 61 months.
  8. I forgot to mention the car is allegedly down from £17000? Which to me sounds ridiculous?😂 Anyway, my car is currently up for sale on Facebook, Gumtree and Schpock. And my father has just let me know he is an old friend of the owner of the garage, which potentially means a few bob off the price 😝 (Picture is my quotation from the garage, lets see if you can all spot the issue😂)
  9. My car as it is (bearing in mind it's used daily) stands at 59000 miles, 5 door, with Zetec S 17" Alloy wheels. As far as the garage is concerned they are very reputable, many of my family and friends swear by them, I've been to the garage today for a full quotation (I'll send a picture shortly) but I was offered £3,100 for my car and for the new car £174 a month to be paid. beginning to think it maybe worth me selling my car elsewhere for a (somewhat) higher price then trying to bargain them down on the price by a few hundred? Any thoughts? Besides auto trader is there anywher
  10. I've seen a car available for finance locally, 14,000 miles £10,000, 65 Plate 1.0 Fiesta Black Edition (Eco-boost). I've had my car( Late 2011 Fiesta Edge - 1.25 60PS) valued at about 4000/4500, which I'm thinking isn't too bad considering it's age and trim etc. Would any of you see this as worth doing? Would really like it upgrade from my slug of a fiesta 😂
  11. Recently installed my new DRL's and got 6000K LED sidelights from Halfords. Was hoping anyone could give me any recommendations (or links) for any LED head bulbs? the car is starting to look at lot less boring ☺️
  12. Thanks for the Reply Ryan! With the Nightbreakers, are the noticeably a white light? Or do they still have a yellow tint? Many thanks☺️
  13. Found a set of DRL's with in-line dimming made by Ring. Ring - Lyra Daytime Running Lights-https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0037A3IEU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_cCELybM6S337A Had to remove the headlight on the passenger side to get the connectors to the position I wanted them but other than that very straight forward to install and fit. They remain at full brightness until the headlights(dipped) are switched on, took me about 45 minutes to do, would highly recommend! Photo 1 - Off Photo 2 - Engine On Photo 3 - headlights on Next venture is buying new bulbs for the head
  14. Is there any method of installing puddle lights onto the wing mirrors to come on and stay on for the same duration as the interior & side lights when the car unlocks? out of curiosity.
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