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  1. I'm not an expert but it sounds like my old Discovery when the EGR valves were failing. It lost so much power it became a nightmare to drive. Root cause was the school run miles we were doing on it - not enough long runs to keep it unclogged. The £950 repair bill was the last straw so I switched it for a Galaxy.
  2. Yes - it will have been on. What are you thinking?
  3. Hi all I have a strange problem with our 2014 1.6 ecoboost galaxy. About once a minute there is a noise that sounds like a stuck brake releasing or similar. It is noticeable at low speed. The strange thing is the noise happens when the car is stationary and my foot is nowhere near the brake. I have just been sat waiting in a car park and it does the same 'clunk' about every minute - but not like clockwork. The noise is similar to when I had a sticking electronic handbrake which used to take a second to release and felt a bit sticky. Any ideas?
  4. Final update. Hopefully this will be useful if someone else has the same issue. It turns out the thermostat was opening and staying open when it should be opening and closing as it needs to. As described by Micro this was causing the engine to cool down when it shouldn't have but ONLY when it was moving. Ford have replaced the thermostat (possible the casing too?) under warranty and the issue is resolved. On the return from the garage the engine heated up properly and stayed bang in the middle of the gauge all the way home. Thanks to those on this forum for their knowledge.
  5. Another update.... Call from Ford to say they've taken the car out for a drive and the temperature dropped rapidly - not the same behaviour as when it was sat in the workshop. So this led them to have another look and they've discovered an issue with the thermostat! This is now being replaced under warranty and the car will be back with me tomorrow.
  6. Thanks. This is exactly what is happening. When it's out on a run the engine is cooling down below the optimal temp on the gauge. When it sits in traffic it warms up again. Are you suggesting this is caused by the thermostat being stuck open?
  7. To be honest I haven't been paying too much attention on fuel economy - the other car is a Discovery so anything feels good in comparison. I filled up the other day so will see what I get out of this tank. Ford say they have checked the thermostat and it is warming up OK when sat running in their workshop. On a motorway run yesterday - decent speed uphill on the M62 - the engine temp never made it into the 'optimal' range on the gauge.
  8. Update from Ford - all working fine for them they say! No issue to find but they are keeping it overnight anyway?!?! This has only been an issue since it went into them for a service so maybe they are doing something in the background. I will collect tomorrow and see if the problem has magically gone away.
  9. Well it's in. I drove 100 mile round trip yesterday and the engine temp never went above 2 blobs so am sure there is an issue. The courtesy car they gave me (fiesta 1.0 ecoboost 99ps) warmed to middle of the gauge within 5 mins driving home. They are also looking at the vibration coming out of the injectors that I've noticed in the last week. Last year of warranty!
  10. Booked into Ford tomorrow. They serviced it recently so I've asked them to check it over. Will post outcome here.
  11. Yes me too. Exactly as you describe it and on the same car. Has anyone tracked down the problem?
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