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  1. Oxigin concave alloys 19". Pcd. 5c108, Et 45, 8.5" width 235/35/19. Car lowered 25mm Focus st-3 2008Will these fit without any fouling. Thanks
  2. She goes quite well, not one of my fastest cars I have had. But she is my favourite good looks, feels like a go kart, and comfortable to on a journey.
  3. Baggie


    My Ford Focus ST MR290 Mountune
  4. Thanks glad you like. Coming up the M5 from Bath was in the average speed zone 50mph. Had this Corsa passed by and the guys girlfriend waved and smiled, obviously about the car lol.
  5. Here is my Focus ST with full Mountune MR290.  

    Full Mountune exhaust, Mountune ClubSport Suspension, Team Dynamanics wheels, Mountune Pleum Chamber, Mountune Intercoler, Yellow hoes all round, K&N Panal Filter, RS Spolier Genuine, Bonnet Vents, Yokohama Tyres.  

    Will be putting more pictures up!!

  6. Yes it looks good amazing how they do it.
  7. Saw the graphics on a RS Focus was a display RS with these graphics on. So these were not a kit, had to get them made up from a photo, the place that done the graphics also fitted of course, I would not even attempt to try that lol
  8. Thanks. Just had the Graphics done shame about the cloudy weather
  9. Hi everyone. Just joined and thought would say hi. Here is a picture of my Focus ST st-3 2008 model. Has full MR290 Mountune Will be putting on more pictures hope you like her.