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  1. No I did all my correspondence via text or phonecall unfortunately
  2. I’ve just had a new kuga st line x I’d asked the dealer to order me a spare wheel with the car but he didn’t. My question is does anyone know where I could get a spare wheel and kit and how much would they cost. one direct from fords is £3-£400 thanks in advance
  3. Are these just one bulb to cover main beam and daylight running lights would love to change mine original lights are awful to be fair
  4. Mine is booked in for the 3rd August they've told me it's going to take 5 hrs after seeing some of the posts I'm absolutely dreading taking it in I might just tell them when I drop it off of all the horror stories I'm reading and hope they do a good job
  5. Lovely same colour as mine shows up scratches a lot though been thinking about getting a ceramic coat done to try and stop it
  6. Just checked mine exactly the same and same mileage please let me know how you get on with the dealer as I'll take mine down to get it checked out as well
  7. Red key switch passenger side you'll see it when you open the door on the side of the dash just use a key/blade/ screwdriver or coin to turn it on or off
  8. I've had my edge 2months now I must admit I love this car I've had kugas and various other cars but this is my favourite so far . I've covered almost 3000 miles in it getting 48mpg + on a run I've got titanium auto lux in ruby red . My only gripe is the headlights they are poor to be fair wish I'd had the LED upgrade I do wonder if they are interchangeable and I'd like the Audi type indicators but this is only a little issue anyone else thought of changing the lights or have already done so if so let me know . Thanks in advance
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