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  1. Ford Focus mk3 ecoboost 1.6 very poor mpg

    Sounds like you may have a dead or failing lambda sensor. If you can get the cars fault codes read and go from there.
  2. 17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    Cheers Andy. Yes I’m inclined to agree with you re having the work done ASAP. Will update this thread when work has been completed.👍
  3. 17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    Thanks for the additional information Andy. Where is the electrical plug that has been added to monitor the coolant level placed? Do you know whether the wiring to the EPAS is cut and intercepted to allow the coolant signals to be introduced to the loom? If so I would expect it to be a matter of time before there are possible problems in that area as it would be very hard to make a weather proof connection to an existing loom. I notice that the newer expansion cap is a newer style,similar to that fitted to my Transit Custom,what’s the difference I wonder! Given that a new thermostat is fitted is the engine running temperature reduced to help reduce pressure within the system or is it just another ‘moving part’ that is replaced to eliminate potential further overheating problems. Have you noticed any additional information in the dash upon start up? I rang my local Ford dealer ( who are a very small family run business ) a couple of days ago and they were completely unaware of the recall but are now sourcing the parts needed for me and will be In touch in due course. Decided to get it done ASAP in the end as it is mainly my wife who drives the car and don’t want the thing springing a leak and blowing up😳. I still think that given I have paid for ( and fitted myself to save money ) a new expansion tank,new expansion cap and modified degas hose I should be reimbursed as these will no doubt end up in the bin!
  4. 17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    😳 That is quite a list of parts that need to be fitted! I am guessing that inside the car there are no visable changes just a warning that would come up on the dash ‘if’ the car’s coolant dropped below the sensor. Has anyone got any pictures of the changes to the engine bay highlighting the various changes? Haven’t got around to phoning my local Ford dealer yet and to be honest I’m not sure that I want my car to be there first to have the work done as I am sure they will find a way to improve the install given a bit of time. Given that I have already replaced a failed ( but caught in time ) degas hose, found micro cracks in the expansion bottle and rad cap does anyone think that I am I entitled to a refund?
  5. 17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    Just had a look on Etis and our car is also listed as needing the recall. Will give them a call next week and see what they have to say for themselves.
  6. 17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    At last Ford have recognised that they can and will install an early warning for these cars. I find it amazing that there is not a coolant level sensor on these ( or many other Ford cars for that matter )! Most other manufacturers, certainly VAG group cars have had coolant sensors fitted to there cars for decades and must surely of saved thousands of engines. Be very interested in seeing what Ford do to your car next month Arwen as I would expect to see a revised and stronger expansion tank and some sort of warning within the dash upon start up to comfirm that everything is healthy.
  7. Degas hose Ford focus problem

    Sorry to hear this Luke and like others have said I believe that Ford should pay up as they are obviously aware of the problem. Out of interest which engine have you got in your Focus? I am guessing it’s an Ecoboost but is it the 1.0 ,1.5 or 1.6. I had a very close shave last year with our 1.6 Ecoboost In that I was standing by the front of the car after Just parking up and getting our bits together before we headed off for a walk when I heard a pop /whoosh sound. I unlocked the car popped the bonnet and found that the degas hose had separated where the plastic meets the rubber section. I did a temporary repair and got the car back home then fitted the upgraded replacement degas hose myself a couple of days later when I could get one from Ford! Has been fine ever since but kinda makes you wonder whether it will happen again.
  8. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Well it looks like my suspicion of the area behind the passenger side wiper motor was correct. At the weekend I removed the wiper arms and then the plastic scuttle. I then removed the passenger side wiper motor ( two 10mm bolts and a multi plug ) and inspected the area behind where the motor is fixed. From there I could see the seam of body sealant between the panels and it looked very much like there was a crack in one of them. Once cleaned from the grime tha5 had gathered over the years I got some automotive body sealant and added a new thick layer over the existing seal lines. We have had plenty of rain since doing this and the floor on the passenger side is still bone dry👍 Here are a couple of pictures detailing the area in question.
  9. Power steering help please, focus mk3

    I will post some pictures later on with the part number etc. Just looking to get my money back so £150 + P&P would be handy.
  10. Power steering help please, focus mk3

    This is most likely to be the rack rack I’m afraid. We have a 2011 Titanium X which has the active self park feature and back in November ours stopped working all together. Had the car fault codes read and it didn’t communicate with the rack at all. I then sourced a replacement rack from a low mileage Focus that’s was being broken for spares and got my local garage to fit it for me ( circa 2 hours labour ) However because the replacement rack came from a car without the active self park feature it didn’t work with our car. I then decided to sent off our original rack to be reconditioned but unfortunately it was beyond repair so I had to shell out for a refurbished unit, ( which was still much cheaper than new rack from Ford ) and then had to pay for another 2 hours labour to have it fitted. So double check that it isn’t just a basic communication error with the car and if you car doesn’t have the active self park feature I still have the rack in my garage if that’s of any help.
  11. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Thanks for your comments madmole. I forgot to mention that I have also checked the aircon drain pipe ( this drains on the drivers side and as said the drivers side of the car is dry ) The pollen filter is inside the car and has very recently been changed and was completely dry, albeit very full of fine particles! The door drain holes are all clear and the door rubbers are all sound and there has never been a sign of water breaching the door openings. I have removed the wiper arms and the plastic scuttle and again all is clear. However at the weekend I am going to remove the passenger side wiper motor and have a good look at the sealant bond / strip between the A pillar and the bulkhead as it seems to leak more when the car is parked with the front facing slightly uphill ! If this has a slight crack in it then I believe it would make its way into the car up behind the top of the dash somewhere behind the glovebox and it would be behind the carpet before it even reaches the floor. What / where is the bulkhead grommet that you mentioned? I have done a bit of research and it looks like the plastic roof rails that form part of the roof gutter are just clipped on ( so hopefully not susceptible to leaking ) and whilst a bit grimy they are not blocked.
  12. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    I’m afraid I am going to add my name to the long list of owners who have water ingress problems on the Mk3 Focus! Ours is a bit unusual in that we have wet carpet in the front passenger and rear passenger foot wells. The drivers side ( front and rear are both dry ) I have checked the boot and the spare wheel well and these areas are also bone dry! I have also checked the rubber grommets behind the rear wheels and this area is also dry. From this I am ruling out a water leak from the rear tailgate hinges, rear lights and the vents behind the rear bumper. It has the original front screen and has never been in any accidents so I am at a bit of a loss as to where the water may be coming in from. Do any of you guys have any other ideas? The car doesn’t have a sunroof so my only other thoughts are that the roof rails may be leaking but how can I check and are they removable? There are no water marks or stains on the headlining and all the grommets in the floor are intact. What next🤔
  13. Focus Mk3 2011 - heater pipe leak

    Ok so an update 😀 Managed to source new clips and O rings from Ford today and went down the route of just replacing on a like for like basis. Found the relevant hoses under the bonnet and put some pipe cramps on to minimise loss of coolant then just undid the old clips,pulled the alloy pipes apart and removed old O rings. There was a slight tear in one of the O rings which I guess over time caused the leak. Then it was a case of carefully installing the new O rings to the heater matrix side of the alloy pipes,wiping a small amount of lubricant ( I used car shampoo ) to the male end of the matrix pipes and pushing back togetherans installing the new clips. Remove pipe clamps from engine Bay Area,check levels and start engine to check that the leak has gone! Ta da,all good,so let’s see how long it lasts! The part numbers are as follows: Clips 1454337 O rings 1342708 Parts cost circa £14
  14. Focus Mk3 2011 - heater pipe leak

    Has the above ‘ mod ‘ held up and kept the leak at bay fuseman? Have got the same issue with our 2011 1.6 Ecoboost and thinking this is going to be better than faffing about with new clips and O rings etc especially as I doubt there is enough room to pull the pipes apart to fit the new rings only to find that it may not be a long term solution.