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  1. Best search Google mate, the adaptor needs to support EMl327 Then u have to get a key reg code from forscan to activate software
  2. Autolocking works fine with forscan,
  3. ian whu

    Dash cam

    If it's only a front camera, then no panels need to be removed, only the rubber seal around door shut I had to put my camera in line with my head, Coz of field of view, the sensor housing blocks a lot of the left view if too close to it, Cable easy fits up in the headlining, down door shut, then along to fuse box,
  4. At least it sorted itself
  5. ian whu

    Dash cam

    Just push upwards, and outwards slightly on bottom, does take a bit of force
  6. ian whu

    Dash cam

    Used number 3 for the switched live, for parking mode I'm sure I used 34 for live all time, And I put 5amp fuses in the fuse taps.
  7. ian whu

    Dash cam

    lol, I forgot all about it , got called to a job, will do it in morning
  8. ian whu

    Dash cam

    I'll go out and take a picture,
  9. ian whu

    Dash cam

    Monkeys are too over trained to be a halfords worker:)
  10. ian whu

    Dash cam

    There is a fuse box in passenger foot well, trust me, I've wired my dash cam to it
  11. ian whu

    Dash cam

    Pay halfords, u might aswel, close your eyes and do it Urself,
  12. Try a reset, and disconnect battery for 10 mins???
  13. U been messing around with forscan ?
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