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  1. For anyone out there in need like I was: I have in the meanwhile the required information (drawing and pictures) of the mounting hardware for a StreetKa hardtop. herman
  2. Thanks Rich for your explanation. Is this threaded bar standart on a StreetKA from origin not a (I think it's called) Winter edition - with other words delivered without the hardtop. Could this be some hardware to be purchased together with the HT? I cannot find anyware more detailed info on this. Thanks again
  3. Dear member, What is needed to mount the rear of the hardtop onto the body of the StreetKA? There are two (sort of) pens with double nuts on the hardtop (left and right hand rear side, near the window), but where to they fall into? Is there maybe a piece missing to be fixed mounted to the body somehow? Are instructions on paper available somewhere? Many thanks for your response. Kind regards, Herman