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  1. Just like the cup holder lights, ambient lighting. I know the st models have them so must be a easy install.
  2. How can i install some lights above the glovebox? I have a hole there so there must be a way to put some there but how/where do do they plug into ?
  3. I have team hecko and have had no problems at all. Team hecko come with easy to follow instructions which was helpfull as i was unsure at the time. My opinion look great but everyone is different 😃 Not best photo i know.
  4. How do i install led strip to the glovebox. Is this a complicated mod if not can someone explain which leds i need and how to install them :( ( i have 2016 zetec s doesnt come with glove box lighting standard only cup holders unfortunetly )
  5. Where can i get a ford owners club sticker?
  6. I need more induction noise that might be my solution panel filter and some new pipes
  7. a filter panel no real differnce apparently and cone sucks in hot air or pay alot for a good air system
  8. Wheres the best place to buy leds. I allready know of autobeam but they seem very exspensive. Looking for chrome indicator bulb 581 Number plate unit
  9. I have been reading other posts and people are saying that they can be a bad thing sucking in hot air. If i was to go for a cone is it easy to fit and where can i buy one?😃 praferably with box
  10. I want more turbo noise whats the best thing to do thats easy to do 😂 sorry im new to all this
  11. Im new to all this car stuff sorry, whats the gain of a mountune silcone pipe?
  12. A little induction noise dont sound worth it my opinion
  13. So irs basiclly £40 for a little gain in noise?😂
  14. Hello, Has anyone got any advice on k&n air filter panel replacment. Just need spme advice as looking online there about £40 dont want to spend it and not notice much difference. I have zetec s 2016 model. Would it be worth a change from the standard ford filter? Would i notice any difference in noise/performance ? Link to panel filter im considering buying.
  15. Looking at changing indicator bulb to autobeam chrome leds.Looks fairly easy to do, just 3 screws and whole light unit pops out right? Does anyone have before and after shots to see what they look like? Kinda new to all this car stuff. Thank you.