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  1. Cant remember what its called mate its like gel piping haha
  2. My focus mk2.5 is up for sale 67k miles Mot November 58 plate Had loads of stuff done to it to much to list haha If you got any questions just ask £4600 ono
  3. Will it look silly with st springs on dont wont the front to look to high
  4. Is it best to leave the front springs standard thn as dont want it higher than it in now [emoji23]
  5. But you never no because it is a nicer splitter just cheap plastic
  6. Not sure yet as ive got some st springs that i won for 99p [emoji1360] that i need to put on so probably just smash again and it alot of money and that one was already my second haha
  7. its just a cheap universal lip for now lol
  8. Sprayed all my grills and had that splitter until my misses smashed it [emoji22] went for a rhino lip for now
  9. Stuff will come to £20 so say £25 to cover postage to you thats front and back footwell and both side of boot Just make sure you have the plug under your dash first
  10. Should get strips for front and rear if anyone want me to make them up for them just send me cost of stuff plus p&p and il buy everything and send them to you
  11. Should get strips and run them into the back awell like i did