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  1. gutted just put 4 new injectors in at cost of £600, had them coded but its hasnt solved the problem, still have missfire at idle and quite a bit of smoke, what else could it be or is the engine knackered? thanks peter
  2. rossi1947

    miss fire tdci

    How did you get on with this? mine is doing same thing thought it was injectors but doesnt seem to have solved it?
  3. Any idea how i could find out where my local delphi agent would be, never heard of them locally so may not be in my area? this sounds like a good shout if the price is reasonable! cheers Pete
  4. Hi all, Only a couple of weeks ago i bought my 1st ford its a 2004 53 mondeo tdci 2.0 130bhp its now covered 104k, i bought it only a coupl eof weeks ago i got it at a slightly cheaper price as it was running rough i though it just needed serviced, i did this before driving to france 3000 mile round trip. During the trip on 6 occassions the car glow plug light began to flash followed by an immediate loss of power, i simply pulled in to side restarted engine and all was well. On return home though knew i needed to get checked out so took it to ford for diagnositic check they have diagnosed the fault as all 4 injectors need replcaing theyve done a manual check and appear to be all feeding incorrect amount suggesting it had petrol in sytem or poor qulatiy fuel. probly why the bloke i bought it off was selling. Hopefully i wont meet him in street! Long story short theyve quoted £1200 to replace anc i simply cant afford this, ive notice recon injectors on ebay for aroun £200, anybody got any info on these should they be any good?? Also how easy are injectors to repalace im more than happy to get the tools out and follow some instuctions if it is possible, let me know what you think, also anyonw know where i can get instructions or if it is covered in Haynes? thanks in advacne for all your suggestions!!!