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    Ford Fiesta Zetec 2013 Nut Alloy Key

    Hi, Appreciate any advice given. Please be nice with me 😊. To cut the story short, I had been trying to obtain my car back for 2 years going down the unecessary legal route and have the car in my possesion. 8 months later I have now needed to change the break pads but cannot find the nut key anywhere so cannot change them. I know I should have checked when receiving the car back, but wouldn't make much difference as I know she will just deny that she had them and say it was in the car. All documents including logbook are in my name. I tried looking for the key code card but obviously she has taken that out when the car was purchased. Can anybody advise how or if there is a possibility of getting an alloy wheel nut key? Car: FORD FIESTA ZETEC 2013 Kind regards, Mike