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  1. Excellent, thanks Lenny. I had a feeling white was live and black was the earth but wasn't 100% especially when it branched off into 3 wires, that threw me. I'll give that a bash anyway.
  2. Hi Lenny. Thanks for helping me fit a camera in my focus. Fitting one in my van and not sure which wires to splice into. I've attached a photo which shows 5 wires would you know by looking which is the live and earth? I tried to PM you to not take this post off topic.
  3. It looks good alright. Might order it up. Not even sure I'll need the USB there as I've two in the glove compartment and I pretty much connect with Bluetooth anyway.
  4. These actually look pretty decent compared to the cheap looking ones on ebay https://www.armster.co.uk/shop/ford-focus-2015-with-usbaux-armster-s-armrest Micks garage has them too for around the €60 mark too but don't look as good. The genuine console looks like more hassle then the gain id get out of it unless I could get a decent one local. Summerhill spares is close to me but they rarely have anything out of the norm.
  5. Cheers for the tip, I'll look them up. The console looks a lot better with the arm rest but was just looking on ebay and there is quite a few for sale but also noticed aftermarket armrests, have you any experience with these. Would be a lot cheaper and the only thing missing then worse the 12v point but don't think that would matter. Would probably be a lot less work, just wondering how they would looked compared to the proper console
  6. It's really the wife's car even though we both bought it, if I put any tools near it I'll be in trouble. My van is for tools and work. Think I'm going to put a camera into that next, would be so handy for parking because of the size of it. The Focus model is a style so I'm thinking of the center console upgrade with the arm rest. Have you done this one. Going to be tricky to pick one up for Ireland so will be expensive to get one from the uk even using Parcel Motel.
  7. Got finished work early today so went at fitting the camera. Took me a good few hours but got it fitted and working perfectly. Really happy with it. Thanks so much for all your help, couldn't have done it without you Lenny. No to find details my next project.
  8. Perfect Lenny, thanks. Practically have this fitted in my head at this stage with all your help and you tube videos I'm watching.
  9. Came across this wire when I fitted the parking sensors. I splice the red into the green/yellow wire and do I connect the black to the nut in the body like the parking sensors or into the black of the reverse light? still haven't got a few spare hours to have a go at it yet.
  10. I really hope there's a reverse cables. This is getting tricky and way over my head. Ha.
  11. Cool. Thanks for that. There's a lot of cables there so I'm sure it's one of them. They all seemed to be labeled too.
  12. Just one more thing for now while I have you here. I've noticed on the long RCA cable there's a red positive power cable on each end. Now I know at one end it's the power supply to the reverse light but what's the one at the other end for as I'll be plugging straight into the back of the head unit. Does this end need power too?
  13. Excellent, that should help when I'm putting the head unit back in, thanks so much for everything Lenny, really appreciate it.
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