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  1. Focus Service

    Hi I'm going to service my 2003 1.6 Focus ,Change all filters renew the oil and spark plugs my questions are:- Is millers 5 - 30 semi syn oil ok ( I do want good oil) Whats the best spark plugs to use.. And where is the fuel filter located... Thankyou
  2. 1.8TDCI Missfire

    My Focus estate 1.8 TDCI 02 72,000miles as developed a missfire at very light throtle load only at 1900 revs though, if i accelerate hard in 2nd gear the missfire will go for a while, but on acceleration there is loads of black smoke..oblem could Could anybody give me any possible clues to what the problem could be ...any advice greatfuly accepted..
  3. Is It My Driving Style

    Hi I've recently bought my first diesel car a Focus Estate 1.8 TDCI 115ps on a 02 plate .69250 miles My problem is it seems very slow to pick up from 1200 - 2000 revs when pulling, but once over 2200 rev and the turbo comes in its off like a steam train and then its a race to change up a gear then we start the process again,I'm wondering if its my style of driving being a truck driver and being told to change up early and let the engine torque do the work or if the car as some sort of problem <_< Cheers