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  1. C-Max II DPF removed ?

    Hi all, After driving a Ka for years we've gotten a 2009 1.6 diesel C-Max. Today i've changed the oil and filter and bought some time ago special cleaner fluid for the DPF. As of now i am thinking that the previous owner swapped out the DPF and removed it and remapped the ECU. Fordscan is showing the results as shown below. I have not noticed any regeneration when driving and the DP-DPF is 12 kPa when the key is on ignition without the engine running. With engine running / driving the DP_DPF stays at 12 kPa. I also noticed that there are no connection / tubes going to the DPF. Last month i've went to the TÜV ( something like MOT ) and no problems there. The 100 dollar question: Is the DPF removen / gutted out or is there something else ? Regards, Barry