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  1. Omex rev limiter problems.

    right change dthe coil pack, leads and plugs and its still not right. i unplugged the lambda sensor and unplugge dthe throttle body sensor and it runs EXACLY the same....which makes me wonder if it infact runninf a closed circit (limp home mode) a sit seems to be ignoring its sensors? there is no engine light on the dash so i dont know for certain. does the 97 acuturly have limp home mode? but its all over the shop. any ideas? cheers
  2. Wet footwells?

    hi all, been noticing recently in thsi cold rainy weather that my footwells are getting soaked? like today it took a bin liner full of tissue to dry them out! i dont have a clue where its comming from though? i checked all under the dash and none of that is wet or anything, so the heater valve isnt leaking i dont think...and the coolent leve is around the same i last looked at it. any ideas? cheers
  3. Omex rev limiter problems.

    i see, me motor factors?
  4. Omex rev limiter problems.

    ah, thats a bugger. i paid £55 the coil pack ive bought is off a braker and he assure sit was broke the other day and tested before it was broken for spares. did your mate with his coil pack have the same problems/symtons as me? cheers
  5. Omex rev limiter problems.

    hi mate, yea cheers, its a 4 wire omex clubman. fitted it for a laugh wanted it for the sound and it worked well- and seriosly it does work. however the unit ha sbeen revomed completley and the car has the same symtoms?? misfireing through the rev range..ive been told that it could be the plug leads/coil pack so i got both off a breaker off ebay as need the car for tuesday afternoon. to give yo an idea this is a 1.3 endura engine with it on, and seems to work fine on it: cheers
  6. Omex rev limiter problems.

    its basicly a aftermarket unit that you T of the limiter wires from the coil pack and the unit ha sits own earth and can be ajusted how hard the car can hit the limiter. got it off ebay off a bloke for 55 there about 150 usaly. cheers
  7. Omex rev limiter problems.

    hi all, bought an aftermarket rev limiter for the fiesta and it came today and i fitted it. the syestem works by going off the 3 wires that come out of the coil (T them)pack and the unit uses it own earth to make it hit the limiter harder faster...and is fully ajustable. now scince this limiter has been on the engine dosent like idoling and keeps tryimg to die and between 2-4k is VERY violent and jerky? now its a rev limiter surly it shoudlent effect the management system as it only 'piggy backs; it as such? any advise is much apriciated. car is a mk4 z-tecs 1.25. cheers
  8. I am FINALLY a Fiesta driver!!!!

    you had a go at the 0-60 times yet :P
  9. mud flaps

    LOL the standerd exhaust on the puma flapts dont look to bad IMO :P
  10. Turboing a 1.25 z-tec S.

    hi mate, i just e-mailed some firm on the web and they dont want to touch and just re-map the ecu without a tubro as it is now aparantly there verry hard to do as they use a varioty of bords etc.. so no chance with the turbo. maby it is a skim head/ basic re-map job then? as long as it breaks 100bhp ill be happy. only what 19hp-20hp extra isit? thanks
  11. Turboing a 1.25 z-tec S.

    i do see what you mean abiout not putting the turbo on. just looking at 'jam speed' on one of there ebay adds and they offer a head skimming service..which i think would give a bit of popower increase. if the compression ratio is allready at 10:1 what could i go up to safly so i get the resonse and power? 14:1 or is that to much? and im guessing thats what 2mm off the head? Im now talking about without a turbo. they do it for a reasonable £45.+del
  12. Turboing a 1.25 z-tec S.

    hi, as regards to the re-mapping i thought they took the standerd ecu and played about with the fuel mixture through the rev range, to accomidate the turbo? what would i get if i shove dthe turbo on it and got a 'simple' re-map as you say? (2 head gaskets etc)... to lower the comp ratio. cheers
  13. Turboing a 1.25 z-tec S.

    i was just looking on youtube....and came across this. now i no its a 2.0l ST but the princables are the same: now the way he has done it (or someone else?) the turbo unit sits realy low at the back of the engine and as someone said in the u-tube coments that would suck water in...but it must of been uncredable easy to attach the exhaust system to and evything! i think i could do it this way and where he hasnt got a filter on it (for one reason or another ) i could use a bit of silicon hose and use a big K&N through the engine bay thus keeping the water out? am i correct? cheers
  14. Turboing a 1.25 z-tec S.

    i see, tbh there isnt alot of room on that side even if it is a 1.25. you mate wouldent happen to have the dimensions of the charger would he? length ,width, depth? would be gr8...it looks big in the pic though.