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  1. looks great so far B4zz! look forward to the new spoiler! i saw your build project in the build section and thought i'd return the kind words you gave myne!
  2. Thanks B4zz! i think i just had a lucky day! haha i will get around to creating my build thread sometime very soon! as i already have the front bumper lined up and also the Dual exit custom exhaust, so much to be done and keep myself busy with! Watch this space!
  3. Hi A-ron! apologies for the late response! thanks for taking the time to read and i'm glad you enjoyed it! as i said i will eventually get around to making a proper build thread.. ("eventually" being the key word there! ) with regards to advice on parts, i also find myself trawling through ebay but its also handy to keep an eye on here on the buy/sell sections.. rare to come across a bumper as such but still worth keeping an eye on? also look on ebay for ST's that are being broken? sent out a few messages to various ones asking if they have what your looking for and sometime you can definitely gt lucky and they have what your after! I find myself only looking for parts with the same colour code as myne to save the hassle of getting them re-sprayed, even though i do not know the going rate for a re-spray on a bumper these days but with myne being silver its once again rare to find as most ST's were orange,blue or black lol and not as many commonly found silver ones! haha but yes keep your eyes out on ebay as they're like buses.. you wait for one to appear and then there's 2 or 3!.. lol before i got myne as cheap as i did, i almost bought a same bumper for £140 without the fog light sorrounds, but i waited a bit longer and then found myne with everything for £68!! i'll take that bit of luck as i never get much!
  4. Thanks guys for your replies! Commencal I've never really thought about putting spacers on the wheels? have you done this yourself and does it look good? it's definitely something i could look into, once i have found the right alloys! lol Stoney thanks for your reply too! both of you had the same idea about coming up with a bracket of sorts to reach out to the fixing points and my thoughts were like you mentioned that they must of sat further back because of the rear boxes on the original ST's exhaust being there taking up more space. Your idea makes a lot of sense, basically creating two strips to reach out from the original mounting points to the new ones if that's correct? and then fixing a nut and bolt from the bumper to the new strips for an even more secure fit?
  5. many thanks for your replies guys! i think for now it will be possibly just a panel filter or just have a look what i can do with the housing and put a couple of holes here and there maybe lol haha yes Dee more than likely the car has lost a lot of horses over its time! still under 100k miles so holding strong to what it has left for now! i just fitted an ST rear bumper on my car too with the intent of fitting a dual exit cat back exhaust once funds can accommodate for this haha as i know it will have to be a custom job otherwise i could go for that £500 off the shelf one i've seen on here somewhere but i dont think £500 is justifiable! lol
  6. Hi guys! I have been keeping pretty quiet about my build and not really posted anything about it (might create a "my build" thread in the near future), after using useful advice and guides found on here by various members, my car is coming along really nicely. it's started out life as a 1.6 pre-facelift Ghia and will eventually look as good a possible ST replica as i can make it! in b4 anyone says "it is waste of time & money creating a replica, and i may as well put the money used in to buying an actual ST" Yes! i wholeheartedly agree with you! and would love an ST however £5-8k or possibly plus i do not and will not have for a long time (whilst the cost of living is so high near London!) so i am quite happy turning my car looks wise into an ST as i love the design of the ST, However I will NOT be trying to make it out to look like something it's not by not branding it with ST badges here there and everywhere as i do not wish to embarrass myself at a red light or on the motorway next to an actual ST or RS or the boy racer Golf GTI's and all the other hot hatches lol. So now that's out of the way, the following Mods i have done so far include: Xenon white LED interior ST rear spoiler ST rear bumper (purchased for a right steal on ebay! £68 delivered with both mounting brackets intact! ) Aftermarket stereo Subwoofer installed fitted alternative heater control knobs Mods to be done in the near future include (but not limited to): Dual exit Cat-back custom Stainless steel exhaust ST alloys ST front bumper ST side skirts Rear 3 windows tinted Either buy xenon headlights or fit HID's fit overlay Gel badges. De-badge rear and possibly fit ST badge on wings or replace with actual ST front wings. Fit Recaro interior seats Leather/cloth i don't mind too much. So on to my question! i have fitted the ST rear bumper this weekend (before the heavens opened and the rain came down thankfully!) and all went well (except from having to snap off both bolts on my old bumper as the nuts had ceased as they tend to do on the mounting bracket) but it was damaged anyways and i had no intention of keeping it. HOWEVER when it came to the two plastic screws on the underside of the bumper, the old mounting holes for these are situated at quite a distance away from the new ones? so my question is: how can i secure the bumper now from the underside? to stop it maybe flapping around at high speeds or anything like that.The bumper isn't falling off and is secure, but it is loose on the underside because of this. as you will see in my pictures, will an actual ST rear bumper reinforcement bar fix this? or is there anything else to be done that i'm missing? if anybody else has had this problem when fitting an ST rear bumper themselves or if this is just how it is? OR if somebody with an actual ST could post a picture in this thread of what the underside of their's looks like so i can compare,please let me know! any help and advice will be much appreciated! i hope you like what I've achieved so far! Carl Problem as mentioned where you can see the screws and the mountings for these screws on the original bumper are in different positions General Pics of the Car so far: Before: After (Much better!)
  7. thanks for the reply guys! i now understand what that little sponge and the pipe in the corner was for! you'll have to forgive me, as i'm fairly new to Ford after migrating over from Audi lol so all in all, am i best just getting a different panel filter? or is there anyone who has done anything similar or someone you know has done something similar and fitted a cone filter and seperate breather filter? (if possible) Performance isn't really a big deal as i know i won't get much if anything out of this particular engine.. just looking to get a bit more of a grumble from the engine to make up for the measly 100HP that it gives out
  8. Hi guys i hope somebody can help me? i have a 1.6 petrol Mk2 Ghia and was looking at options for upgrading in a sense my air filter or installing an induction kit. Now i know i'm not going to get a great deal of a performance boost out of my engine but anything thats better than the current stock panel filter is good for me! i have looked at various threads and trawled the internet for different options and from what i have seen about the K&N 57s-4000 i would of liked to have gone for that or the alternative cheaper option of just the filter itself (E-9289), HOWEVER having opened up my air filter housing, i only have space for a panel filter? as you can see from the photos am i now limited to only a panel filter? and do i have no way of fitting a cone filter of any sort? in one of the pictures the small little sponge thing is covering what must be the equivalent of the modern MAF? so presumably i couldn't just pull out the air filter housing and be done with it to place a cone filter in its space because this would need to be around somewhere to give a reading to the ECU? What could be my options for upgrades? any advice and opinions greatly appreciated!
  9. Looks great! I've been thinking about doing this myself too, but like the other's have mentioned they're not easy to come by! lol how much did you pay in total if you don't mind me asking? and were they easy enough to fit? Carl
  10. Hello to you all! My name is Carl, i come from Maidenhead in Berkshire, i drive a 07 pre-facelift (mk2) focus Ghia in Moondust Silver. I will be carrying out a few upgrades/mods soon to the car, and happy to have found this site for help in doing so!