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  1. stevenw1963


    Check the tyre pressure too, not just the tread depth.
  2. Yes, tried cleaning EGR but same results, hence why it was changed. 2nd hand one cleaned before it was put on as well, wife was well chuffed lol
  3. EGR was stuck in closed position all the time. I agree it is a PITA to change an EGR valve but have got it down to about 30 minutes now after I did it a couple of times. The Ebay 'new' ones are not very good and caused it's own problems when fitted, got a 2nd hand genuine Ford one from a breakers and now all good for the last 8 months or so. I won't be doing a DPF regen again, I agree it doesn't sound a good process mechanically hence why I will get the software deleted.
  4. Mine kept coming up that the 2 rear ABS sensors & the EGR were faulty - the ABS sensors weren't faulty at all, found out £180 later after changing them - local garage said it's the EGR so bought a new one, changed it and lights went off but new EGR I bought off ebay was crap, bought a genuine ford one second-hand off a breakers - no problem since. Funny how altitude can affect things like that. My powertrain light just came on - DPF blocked (75% soot) tried a DPF static regeneration, didn't work - local garage says he can delete the software for the DPF so it doesn't affect the MOT.
  5. As above, I registered and got the extended licence for free, which allowed me to programme keys etc. The extended licence though isn't forever, it will only last for a month or so and then you have to apply again if you need it.
  6. Forscan can also code keys - free programme to put on a lap top and buy an Elm connecter wotsit - a lot less than £180
  7. Bit late replying but did this turn out to be your EGR valve by any chance? Same happened to mine & it turned out to be the EGR valve