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  1. Yes, I realised that it's a mk3.5 in the photo shortly after posting. However the Mk3 ACC uses a similar radar unit, which will most definately be in the front somewhere.
  2. If it's saying in one part that there's too many phones connected, and then in another that there are none, it might be worth trying a factory reset to clear the device out.
  3. Sorry for the slow reply. Your post reminded me that mine was still on F8. I always buy from sellers on ebay, but they tend to come & go. On Tuesday I ordered one from ebay seller druz39. ( https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/druz39?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2754 ). It arrived half an hour ago. I've just tried it in the car and all seems well....
  4. Yes, it's that easy. One additional thing that you can do whilst it's apart is to ensure that the battery contacts are clean. I also avoid touching the battery with greasy fingers.
  5. Mine lasted over three years on my mk3.5. You will get a low battery message on the vehicle display when it needs changing.
  6. It's likely to be an emissions issue rather than a problem with the engine itself. Only really matters for the MOT. Mine was on for many months before the sensor was replaced.
  7. You want one of these : Ford Focus MK3 N/S Front Door Edge Guard Shield Protector 1879783 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Focus-MK3-N-S-Front-Door-Edge-Guard-Shield-Protector-1879783/272379267923?hash=item3f6b11cb53:g:mH8AAOSwGmZb4rtC It just clips into place, 10 second job.
  8. Do you have a trailer control module? If so, then a failure or bad connection to this will cause the "PARKING PILOT MALFUNCTION SERVICE NOW" message. The car will shut down the rear sensors when a trailer is present. In order to find that out it sends a message on the CAN bus to ask the trailor module if one is present. A faulty trailer module will not reply - after around 10 seconds the above message appears.
  9. The bluetooth module is also prone to crashing/locking up. There are threads on here and elsewhere with possible recovery methods. Basically the bluetooth module needs to be powered down to reset.
  10. Try unzipping to temporary directory on drive C rather than direct to the memory stick. Then copy the files across.
  11. I found on my previous car that I only needed to use excessive force in the lock once. After that the key would work fine when the car is deadlocked.
  12. My 2015 focus has the foam insert because there is an absolutely massive radio speaker sitting on top of the spare wheel.
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