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  1. Locking and unlocking

    It might be that one of the other locks is stuck or sticky. If (say) the passenger door fails to lock then shortly after the central locking will think that that door has been opened and open the rest of the doors. (Many years ago mine did this when the passenger side froze during a particularly cold winter)
  2. Mine did this too, although without leaving the UK! I tried changing the settings in the main section to kph and back to mph to no avail. Fortunately, it sorted itself out after a couple of days.
  3. Bluetooth Connection

    It's also possible that you have the module, but it's crashed and stopped working. Mine did that and had to be reset. If you're certain that the car should have one, then try googling for the module reset procedure.
  4. Cant get into Focus

    I found that the first time that you have to use the mechanical key to open a door that has been double locked it takes an awful lot of force to turn the lock. The fob has to be used as a tee-piece on the key blade. After that, it opens easily.
  5. Ford 1.6 Ti-VCT which fuel to use, Super or Normal?

    My local Tesco is currently 1.12.9 for unleaded and 1.16.9 for Momentum.
  6. Replacement ignition key

    Short answer: No. Long answer: You'll probably need to check with a specialist automotive key cutter. Originally Ford cars came with a special red programming key which allowed others to be accepted by the immobiliser. Then it was changed so that it could be done with two ordinary working keys - insert 1st, insert 2nd, insert new. (Of course new cars only came with two keys so the moment that you lost one you were stuffed) Then it was changed again so that it had to be done via the odbc. Some keys can be cloned by the specialist, others will require programming via the odbc, but some are simply not possible and Ford make you buy a whole replacement engine managment system for many £££kerching.
  7. Remove TP from my display!

    The TP indicator tells you that you are currently listening to a station that carries Traffic Programmes. It cannot be removed. The TA indicator is on when you wish the radio to interrupt whatever you're currently listening to to hear Traffic Announcements
  8. New Focus Wiper Noise

    My wipers were also noisy when the car was brand new. I cleaned the screen with washing up liquid.
  9. Sat Nav Sd Card

    Me too from oneshopnavi. I've found plenty of new roads! One of which is the cut through from the A50 to the Ashby Road at M1 J24.
  10. Parking sensors Vs Parking cameea

    On my Focus the park pilot display is in the upper right corner of the reversing camera display - so you get both.
  11. How many Fords have you had?

    15. Escorts Mk1 J,N Escorts Mk2 R Escorts Mk3 X Escorts Mk4 D,H,L,P,S Focus Mk1 X,52 Focus Mk2 55,09 Focus Mk3 61,15
  12. In the menus for the radio ensure that the Bluetooth is switched on / enabled. Then remove all the old phones from the list if there are any. Then try again to pair your phone.
  13. Keyless system and watersports

    I have a similar problem as a Canoeist/Kayaker. I also use a waterproof pouch, but as you say they are not to be relied upon for something that vital. So I try to mitigate it by wrapping the key in a small polythene bag first and also putting a paper tissue in as well to soak up any water first. I also have a no-chip key for opening the door. In this case I leave the main key hidden in the car in a faraday bag (from ebay) which prevents the keyless from operating. This has the unfortunate effect of triggering the alarm. You get around 10 seconds to unwrap the real key. Jeff
  14. The newer start/stop system appears to work much better than the older ones. My '15 plate one works perfectly all the time. My '12 plate had a mind of it's own. If the car was left unused over the weekend, then on Monday it would work fine all day - even for short journeys. Tuesday may work sometimes. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday wouldn't work at all. I strongly suspect that there's a software bug in there.