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  1. I've heard so many issues relating to the DPF on Diesels, so not sure about them, so based on that, Edging more towards Petrol
  2. Hi All With the expansion of the family, I am now in need of a 7 seater. What are your thoughts on getting a S MAX was thinking 07 / 08 plate Thanks
  3. it did pass the MOT with this still going on, I was expecting something to be picked up, but obviously wasn't
  4. Hi lol When I turn right there's a really loud grinding noise coming from the passenger side wheel area Thanks
  5. no just the standard alloys are on
  6. Hi I have an issue when I turn a tight corner , there's a really loud / grinding noise from the passenger side wheel area. I'm thinking wheel bearing ???? I've had it for well over a year now, passed MOT though Thanks
  7. I had one of these when I was based in Germany, many moons ago, one of the best cars i've ever owned. Have you got any pics Thanks
  8. OMG That's so amazing I bet it stops with just a tap of the brake
  9. I have the same issue - did you manage to sort it
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