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  1. Hi there! Really sorry to resurrect such an old post, but I had a quick question. I've successfully added a switch to my ELM 327 for the MS-CAN. I went to GEM inside ELMConfig and saw that Autolocking, the main category (with two options below) is checked off. I've read that if it is turned off the feature is not available. Is it true? Can I activate autolocking anyway? Thank you, Dorian.
  2. I've just got in touch with the store I've bought it from, and they were very friendly and will take the unit back to take a look at this problem. Hope that fixes any issues.
  3. I’ve had it thru an included usb extender, but since it started having those problems I’ve removed it. I’ve switched about 5-6 cables, the first two were MFI but aftermarket. The latter were original Apple cables, the last even being a brand new cable I’ve bought just for the occasion.
  4. I do have the latest one. I’m guessing you work for the Dev team at kenwood? Could the issue be a hardware one? And if I have the latest firmware can I install it again from a usb stick? And if I do, could it solve the issue? thank you!
  5. I've finally done it! I went out today and bought a car amp wire kit with really thick cables. Then I changed the power line from a thin wire from a fuse, to an accessory cable that was leading nowhere and had the exact voltage as the battery which was perfect. Also, yesterday I forgot to plug the power control cables (blue/white one) from the subs' amp to the head unit. I fixed that today. This is the back of the unit: Thanks to everyone for suggestions!
  6. I don't want it to be only bass. My intentions were to have a little more punch to the sound. Didn't expect such a proccess.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Well, I didn't think it would be this hard at first. I'm returning it if it doesn't work perfectly, since all this hassle cannot result in a mediocre result. I've piggybacked into a cable from a fuse.
  8. Hi again. I've set up x'over and it didn't change anything. I'm beginning to think it might be a power + audio cable issue. I'll try getting power from the battery straight first to see if that fixes it. As I've said, I've tapped into one of the fuse's cable.
  9. I've managed to make the connections. I've tapped into one of the fuses from the fuse box (a 40A one) for the positive, and the negative hooked it on a screw on metal (for ground). So I've used only the red and black cables from the power adapter that came with the sub (I've taped the rest). I did this in order to keep the sub off when the car is off, and make it turn on when I turn on the power. Then I used a RCA cable to connect the sub (red/white) to the head unit (Kenwood DMX-7017 DABS). It didn't work at all at first. I've tested all connections and they seem to work fine. The only thing that did it was turning on Loudness in audio features to high. A blue LED finally turned on on the sub. The problem is that it doesn't work all the time, just at random times, and it sound very bad. Like it's cranked up to the max all the time. There are gain and frequency controls, as well as a remote. For testing we turned the frequency and the gain to the max, so I'm wondering if that's why it sound bad, but it sounds the same even at low volume. Can someone figure out what's wrong here? Thank you very much.
  10. Update. I've done it! Here's the result: I've attached it completely from the chair. The bottom part was easy enough, just drilled 4 holes in the chair: For the top part I've used two L metal brackets and, again, 4 holes in the chair: Here's how it looks with the chair outside: It retains full air vent functionality, and the foot situation is not that bad. The chair fully goes front and back. I've yet to attach the cables and update you guys on the process and final result + sound.
  11. Hi! Congrats on installing the unit! I've bought a Kenwood DMX-7017 DABS with CarPlay and installed it in my MK2.5. I was wondering if you have any issues with CarPlay on your Sony one. On the Kenwood, CarPlay sometimes acts up, showing this:
  12. Also as a side question, if the sub is powered, do I still need an amp, or is the sub just enough?
  13. If I was going to do a boot install, that's how I would've liked it. Did you make the cover yourself? And where did you get the carpet to match the cars'? Below the seat is just enough space to be able to do it. I'm going to someone that has the tools, and build an aluminium base on the chair to put the sub on. If there is space, could there be other things damaging?
  14. Something helpful would be really appreciated. I'm no expert, it's my first time trying this out.
  15. Hello! I am planning to install an Alpine PWE-S8 in my 2010 Ford Focus mk2.5. The sub came, but now I’ve gotten into a bit of trouble. Well, there’s kind of no place to put it without some modifications to the car. I’ve stuck with my idea of putting it under the front passenger seat, as that seems like the best way without many changes. There seems to be just enough space to be able to stick the sub to the seat itself (rather than the floor) in a way as to not disturb the rear passengers, and to get a good fit. What I’m planning to do is to improvise a base on the bottom of the chair as to hold the unit. I’m trying to mostly base the structure on the solid metal on the sides (the black bit) rather than the thinner silver metal that holds the “sponge”. That way I could place it upside down and not be in the way of the rear air con, and also leave decent room for the rear passengers. I’ve attached an image roughly where it should go. It goes deeper than what’s in the image, it’s just for good measure. What are your thoughts on this? I have not started yet, as I am still planning on how to tackle this. I would really appreciate if anyone has any better ideas on where to place the sub. Thank you very much!