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  1. Hi there, again! The speaker just came back, and it's working perfectly. The guy managed to do a perfect job. But, a couple of hours before, I was listening to music, and had a friend sit in the back. He knew about my problem, and moved to the right part of the car to see if the right one was working. Apparently, it was not. Seems like the other one had died aswell. How could that happen? One day it was perfectly working, the other not. It's really scary, and potentially expensive if it keeps on happening. I will remove the other door card tomorrow, and try to move the connector a bit, and see if it fixes the problem. If not, I will send it in to get fixed. But it's really worring me though. Maybe you have some answers to why they stop working? The right one didn't work before taking out the left one. And once the left one was out, it started working for the rest of the day. The next day, it stopped. Maybe it just doesn't want to have only one speaker in the back? I have no idea. I will update tomorrow. And as a separate question, if I get the right door card, could I potentially have some tweeters in the back? Right now they didn't come with the car. But I saw my cousin's car, a Ford Focus 2008 mk2, that has the tweeters. Thank you!
  2. Oh, and this was the speaker connector if you're wondering.
  3. As you recommended, and as our mechanic said too, we removed the door cover from the inside to reveal the speaker unit. We first removed the left side and tested the speaker connector from the unit itself and it didn't show a reading. So it must've been busted and the cause too all problems. By before removing the right one, we tested once again the fader option to see if anything changed, and, to our surprise, it did! The right one played just right, and I could set the audio to just the right rear one! So we put the speaker in the trunk and went to see a electrician that specialises in speaker. We're waiting for his response. Thank you so much for the guidance and the help offered! And in case here can't repair it, can you recommend a site where I can find an original speaker? Thanks again!!
  4. They are electric. Is there no intermediate way to do it, but to take away the door card? You think there's a real possibility of both breaking at the same time? And isn't there a place under the left doormat where all the cables pass?
  5. Hello again! I have just opened the head unit, and removed the connector. I've checked the speakers terminals from the loom, and the center terminals are between 10-14ohms, but the upper and lower one are interrupted.
  6. Hi! Thanks for the detailed response. When I put the fader to all back, the front ones still play. That's the weird part. And yes, I do have speakers to try out, I will open the console, but in the morning. Some hints to go along would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. I'm guessing it had to have speakers in the back since it has the fader option.
  8. And I just checked, it does actually have speakers in the back doors.
  9. Before removing the door, could a factory reset do it? And also, could something bad happen if I factory reset it?
  10. To be honest, no. It does have the speaker grille, though. I will and post back
  11. Hi there! I just bought a used focus hatchback 2010 that has the navigation multimedia system, but not the one with the touchscreen, just buttons. After leaving the sellers city, 350km later in my home town, I brought in a friend I the back seats, and he immediately notices that the rear speakers do not make a sound. I didn't notice that when buying it. I contacted the seller and he said it should've worked. I tried resetting the audio/radio settings but to no avail. I didn't yet reset to factory settings. So what should I do? I'm hoping it's nothing electrical and it's just maybe software. Factory reset and it's working. I've also read that some users have the same problem while cold outside. It's -5C. Thanks!