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  1. I couldn't find the setting for automatic summer time after my upgrade to 3.4 😞
  2. Solved my own issue. Downloaded all the Calibration Files from the ForScan website https://forscan.org/download/CalibrationFiles.zip Switched to Engineering mode and changed the required setting.
  3. Hi Guys, I was attempting to enable the Auto lock function on my Ford Focus. Plugged in my cable into laptop and the Car OBJ port, clicked on configuration icon and Configuration Central (Main) It advised to download an additional file which I did and placed into the advised folder but it failed to read the file Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks Matt, I coudn't figure out how to initiate a backup so took photos of the config settings. Any chance you could advise how to do it for next time?
  5. Just did the upgrade, the automatic windows installer worked without a hitch. Took about 50 minutes. Question is how easy is it to upgrade the APIM firmware to get these new features? I've got the suggested cable from this thread but not the beta software
  6. Also for the USB Stick is it still preferred to use a USB 2.0 or should a USB 3.0 be fine.
  7. Hi, So is the Cyanlabs all in one tool the easiest and safest method now? I originally swapped out my old Sync 2 Touch for Sync 3 and had to reprogramme my APIM to allow Park Assist to work again so would I have to do that again??
  8. So I've just managed to downlaod the F8 maps from https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/status/ Sync Version SYNC 3.19149
  9. See the post from @samevansinworthi its a hardware difference between the earlier cars with Sync 3 and the 2018/2019 cars with Sync 3 v2. they usually have the additional features like GPS tracking via the Ford app.
  10. Can you upgrade from Sync 3 v1 to Sync 3 v2? If not what is the latest version for Sync 3 v1? Thanks in advance.
  11. Could you host the files or list the contents autoinstall.lst file for me please?
  12. So I'm on Sync 3 18025 with F7 maps. I've now got the problem where Ford update says I've got a 0MB file. Has anybody else managed to get F8 maps installed for their focus?
  13. Hey Guys, So I've got the F7 maps still, my current update from Ford.co.uk is only 8GB in size rather than the 20GB. So I've left the USB stick in and performed 2 key starts, how do I know when it's actually finished and I can remove the USB?
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