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  1. Hi, Not sure if I should post this in the focus or C-MAX forum, but I think it's more of a C-MAX than a focus ! :) I recently bought a 2006 Ford Focus C-MAX Activ from a ford dealer, who fitted the optional ISOFIX fittings in the back seat. He told me the car was ISOFIX compatible, one of the reasons I decided to go for it. I'm about to order a car seat for our new arrival (due oct 4th ! ) and I'm running into a bit of hassle. The car seat we've chosen, a mama's and papa's one, has an isofix base with an arm which reaches to the floor for support. However, the focus c-max has a false floor, and as such the guys in the car seat shop say that it is not suitable. Seems crazy considering the isofix connections are available. So, does anyone know if this is safe? A guy in the shop also mentioned that he heard it was possible to get some sort of block that fills the gap in the false floor, giving it extra support, which then makes it compatible. The seatbelt isn't long enough to get a base which is attached to the seatbelt... it looks like the only option is to get a car seat where the seatbelt will wrap around it (without any base). Any comments / suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks