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  1. I wonder if the Fiesta MK8 has dual control? Cause this is my screen after enabling it
  2. Possible to make a pic of the light unit, cause it seems they don't longer fit them in new cars, at least not in my ST3
  3. I want to go retro, so I gonna fit the cd player, but a bit expensive!
  4. I want to see this aswell, together with the kind of brackets used
  5. Standardization! Still a light in your trunk?
  6. Here it's a 3-doors, only center speaker on dash has the logo. Subwoofer is no longer on spare wheel location but behind a grill as in my Mondeo, but still a tyre reparation kit instead of a decent wheel 😄 But it has 10 speakers and a woofer
  7. Here I have those vents at both sides, so it seems the subwoofer here is replaced from the spare wheel location to those location behind those vents (Fiesta MK8 ST3)
  8. Yeah, they called it standardization at dealership. I wonder where to find this OEM logos?
  9. Yeah, there is still place for a badge, those little circle which is situated deeper inside the grill, but logo is gone
  10. I have B&O in my Fiesta ST, but no B&O badge on grill of door speakers
  11. Hi, In the past I found a list with everything they changed between the first Fiesta MK8 ST models and those they release now, but I don't find it anymore... Possible it was in German! Like no B&O logo anymore on the speakers and no carbon inlay anymore around shiftknob. Also the changes made to the engine to cool it better and such Somebody who can help me with this? Thanks!
  12. Sound comes from IPC... Had it a few times before aswell
  13. It seems my car is gonna have such one as seen on the pic here in Belgium, so no shark fin for me I guess
  14. They need to remove front I guess
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