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  1. They need to remove front I guess
  2. Hi, I want to activate Driver Alert and Traffic Sign Recognition. The car has auto high beam and line assist, so the IPMA is prepared, but those options above are not active. Somebody has the hexcode or the bits need activation to have this? I guess u need to enable the bits in the IPMA and the IPC Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Now they can look for the parts needed for those extention of the rear bumper with the double exhaust
  4. Hi, I want to add the skirt with the double exhaust but for the dealership I need a VIN of a car with 180HP, so they can search for the correct parts Thanks!
  5. Fiesta MK8 1.0L EcoBoost 125HP Titanium class with several options!
  6. Fiesta delivered at dealership today and built 18th January
  7. Very fast from building the car to deliver the car at the dealership. I wonder when my parents' car arrive at the dealership, built 18th January and still waiting for a Phone call
  8. Hi, Somebody knows how to do this? I know there are four clips or something on the Original light, so on the new one I want to place I think it's the same according to OASIS. Somebody with access to the manual and wants to help me? Thanks!
  9. Okay but if u take the 100HP, u get drums, if u take the 125HP version, u get discs, so I rather have discs than drums
  10. Somebody knows how to remove the light above the rear seat in a MK8? I don't see any gaps for screwdriver or whatever
  11. They did order a Fiesta MK8 1.0L EcoBoost 125HP Titanium with several options (BLIS,....) on 31st October 2017, car is built on 18th January 2018, at dealership normally on 27th January 2018 Their car: http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/370954-dragunovs-parents-fiesta-mk8/ Cheers,
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