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  1. Hi, I have a mondeo 2007 mk4 with 140bhp tdci engine, 125k on clock. Bought this few months ago ran sound until a month ago, went a bit rough on tickover showing a bit of vibe round cabin. Issue resolved itself after a day but has returned for a week now. Took it to a diagnostic who had to recalibrate one injector but put the problem down to wetness around 3 out of 4 at the top of the injectors, saying injector seals. Leak doesnt appear excessive only damp, is this fixable by replacing seals/ is it easy to do, or am i looking at a chunk for replacing injectors as i was also told they wont come out easily. Any advice would be gratefully received. BTW no excessive smoke just lumpy idle but accelleration is down .Thankyou
  2. Ta Mate, will do, thanks for your time.
  3. oh dear. injectors at a cost of 200 quid + each were replaced 800 miles ago by previous, running out of ideas but thanks a lot anyway
  4. Thanks to you both for replying. I have looked on googlemaps and according to them it was 6 miles drive back so it may be borderline as to whether it had time to code. so i am having it redone, using fresh fuel and filter with the additive and giving it a good thrash. one thing has newly cropped up, yellow glow plug light is now came on and constantly flashes and an audible beep comes on once, any further ideas ? ta very much
  5. Hi everyone, I am looking for a substantial bit of help. I'll give you the long version as details count. Its a 2002 TDCI mondeo with 70k on the clock one company owner. Company has maintained themselves mostly (engineering company) and was sold to a friend of a friend last year. From the off he had problems with running so spent #1500 quid on egr valve, turbo,air flow meter, 4 new injectors,pump was checked ok, still running rough. He was offered his money back by the company so it fell into my hands at a cheap price. I had the diagnostic chappie onto it and came up with 2 injectors calibrated 2 not He calibrated it and run perfectly home. Came to restart and hey presto back to square 1. Symptoms are - starts ok usually, idle lumpy tickover showing about 850rpm but feeling about 300rpm, smoky on accelleration but once at speed feels 95 % there. As it was sound before I am hoping it is a small thing to correct it seems as if it has forgotten the calibration redo ( maybe a chip/sensor) also it was low on fuel (totally my fault Wally!) this i am going to try to rectify with new fuel and a redex dose with thrash. Any suggestions please?