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  1. Well just to bump the post up, i recently had mine done by someone - let's say, i've had some headaches with it since., but most of it has been rectified by my dad who's a mechanic. But whilst it was being done i've had the front brakes upgraded to ST180 one's also. I've noticed since yesterday after 5/10mins of driving a squeaky noise from front off-side? only when it seems to pull away on it's own (mine's an auto), over 10mph it goes. the noise i can describe it as....say a gate hinge not been oiled? that. the pads have plenty of meat on them. the discs are fine - not brand new, but good eno
  2. had all hoses changed to mountune at moment, so hopefully helps with air flow. but when i decide on who to remap, be intercooler changed also
  3. oh, it's driveable, used it to take my driving lessons/test in, think people would of commented on saying got issue there lol. also no strange noises. only noise thats loud i got is coming from induction kit fitted y/day lol
  4. see i've only really read about this TCM recall stuff last few days, i have a 64 plate (registered 2015), i mean, sometimes it's felt a bit jerky, but not shunting forwards etc and maybe when goes up hill, it feels like it drops abit, but it seems like it's just tried to find right gear as going up hill now. i dunno if it's got the issues really, it's my first car (driving since may), only got it this time last year.
  5. Hi, i have the 1.0L, i just changed my backbox to an ST one as i didnt really want anything too loud, just a nice tone when put foot down. But obv now looking at remapping and when that's being done i will have the full exhaust system done. at the moment it's between Scorpion or Mongoose (recommended by the remap company), but i'd like resonated, so again it's nothing too too loud - not a fan of all this miltek stuff
  6. Hi, yeah i'm after the guide for the skirts/front lip also
  7. Hi, my fiesta was registered jan 15 (64 plate) - I've only had the car myself a year, properly driving it since may. I've had some jerky/shudders, but nothing maor & wasn't sure if it was just myself (new driver) letting off & wrong time when auto box was selecting? unsure. but is there anyway i can ask ford to check if my has the TCM? or latest gearbox software sorted? recently took it to main dealer for major service - they ended up doing a 2nd year service only, did not stamp book & on paperwork wrote my mileage down wrong saying it had done 10,000 more than it had. car is
  8. Hi, have you had your powershift one done? any issue's? sorry for bumping this topic back up everyone, but it's all i've been reading about. I have the 1.0 Ecoboost 100 Powershift also, and i really want to get a remap. I've been looking around and seen people like Celtic Tuning on there site offer it for powershift, and couple of custom remap companys (not maybe as well known as others) offer. My vehicle went in today and had the Forge Motorsport induction kit fitted, but they have taken the ECU ID to be sent off to Revo to see what they can do for me. I was told somthing by mechanics at
  9. Hi, just put a new (well second hand) rear bumper on my fiesta, all bolted correctly, all clicked in, but it seems to be like a tiny bit out of line? and rear light on left i've noticed (which was changed) sticks out tiny bit also? Would i need new bumper brackets? i'll try upload some pics
  10. i don't seem to have the 2x 6mm bolts for the ST diffuser tabs to do up, where can i get them?
  11. just curious, how comes had focus washer jets on it? and the RS exhaust mounts fitted? is this required for the ST backbox?
  12. got mine on warranty ; ) but yea i've read about the switch being an issue, the metal prongs? need squeeze them abit?
  13. did mine, was just a bulb. looks much better
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