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  1. Just seems to happen for about 5 minutes after ignition is turned off. I hear the steering lock engage straight away then I presume the auto fan/cooling powering down. Then I witness the needles moving about. Could it be some sort of calibration it does automatically.
  2. Hi. Today I sat in my 2015 focus with the engine off and ignition off and noticed a noise and slight movement in the needles on the instrument cluster. All needles were dropping below 0 then moving back up a few minutes later. I presume this is not not normal behaviour. Any ideas what is causing this and what the cure is?
  3. They're saying not covered after first year. Car is now 15 month old. I bought it about 4 weeks ago, but didn't notice. Is there a way to adjust?
  4. Hi Ive noticed the fuel door on my 2015 mk3.5 focus is not fitting as it should. It is not sitting flush with the bodywork. Is there any way to adjust the door?
  5. Agree with red. Used to have blue on my mk1 but my St has red and I prefer it.
  6. Hi. Is it possible to unlock the driver's door only or is this not possible with the keyless entry system? Thanks
  7. Hi. Is it possible to enable my focus to automatically lock the doors when I drive off? Thanks
  8. Hi. Is it possible to retrofit a reversing camera to my 2015 mk3.5 Focus St3? If so, what is needed? Thanks