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  1. What has been covered up with that black stuff, if its signs of belts breaking in the side wall take it off the car now.
  2. ProAlloy replied to my query. Although they do manufacture for Mountune, they don't make the one I asked about. Airtec are in the development stages at the moment but don't have a launch date yet. I have used airtec so a known product, will wait & see what they come up with.
  3. Good man, I'll contact ProAlloy. Will let you know what happens, I can't be the only one who wants to know can I ?
  4. I agree it tests at that time, but if the required reduction in intake temperature is evident then it follows that there would be reductions throughout all operating scenarios, albeit not necessarily of the same value. Don't want to seem too pedantic but I'm really old and remembering I got chewed out back at Rootes in Coventry when developing engines for Avenger Tiger & Hunter that a dynamometer was what the engine was mounted on in its own soundproof cell, and the rolling road was used after dyno work to see if any changes were needed to vehicle cooling stuff before we went out onto the road for real world testing.
  5. Is that the red one in Leeds? Make sure it has service history at Ford, engine oil type is critical for this euro6 unit, although it's Castrol I haven't seen it available any where else at the moment . At 30,000 miles it's probably on it's 3rd set of front tyres & 2nd rears. Check that they are premium tyres and all 4 match, you wouldn't believe how many you see with cheap 'ditch finders' fitted. Don't risk your neck on cheapies - walk away. Then the usual checks for knocks, scrapes & noises - look every where. Good luck with your search, when you finally get one you won't be disappointed - I wasn't.
  6. Thanks for your input Mark. Yes, there can be a definitive answer given a certain set of circumstances and from figures gained can be used to reach a conclusion as to the effectiveness of the replacement intercooler. On previous cars where I have upgraded the inlet side of things a rolling road & an operator who knows how to use it is the starting point. Test the car with standard intercooler, 3 runs are sufficient to gain an average intake temperature and to see just how much heat soak is generated across the 3 runs. Fit replacement intercooler, carry out 3 runs & compare temperatures. I agree that there are variables to consider, ambient temperature and pressure. Also the reputation of the intercooler manufacturer needs to be considered, particularly if they can't be bothered to make public test figures they may have. That's assuming tests have been carried out of course.
  7. The 67-74 figure is the EU laboratory test, cars never see the light of day on these test or a piece of tarmac. Rumour has it these tests are to be modified soon to reflect real world driving more accurately. You will be able to improve on my figures, but you don't buy an ST to drive around at 1700rpm on a light throttle now do you. Whilst you are looking around for an ST try and have a drive in one with 19" and then compare with one on 18". You may find 19's acceptable if the suspension on your present car is set up particularly stiffly.
  8. 3.5, but then I would........
  9. Sound Symposer is the name, very subtle in the background sound and if you don't like it there are delete kits widely available. The torque allows for lazy ( from the engine ) but brisk progress. Don't drive it on the green arrows that suggests a gear change though it will certainly store up problems & probably force regeneration. I use 4,000 rpm, sometimes more, on a regular basis paying attention to road speed. It is surprising how it builds up once out of 1st & 2nd gear. You probably will not notice any difference in front end handling between diesel or petrol unless on a track when the diesel will want to push on ahead a little when you turn in quickly. The euro6 diesel is lighter than its predecessor so that helps. Fuel consumption is pretty good, I average 48/49 mpg this weather, warmer weather about 49/51 mpg with 53 being the highest so far on a 400 mile run to Exeter & back at the motorway speed limits. Mine had 19" wheels on and in 9,000 miles the fronts were down to 3mm, rears to 6mm. Since changed to 18" purely because the ride was too harsh for me on 19's The ST looks good too.
  10. Nice looking motor Jade, but the sun is shining & the roof is still up.
  11. Hi Anyone had upgraded intercooler fitted? If you have could tell me what the reduction in intake temperatures was, from standard to upgraded. Local Ford dealer is a 'specialist' & they don't know. Contacted Mountune & they couldn't tell me. Many thanks Graham
  12. It's a late 2015 ST-2 diesel. Looks a little different now, taken off the 19 inch wheels in favour of OE 18 inch. The ride was too harsh on 19's. Fitted a set of mudflaps which have made quite a difference to the amount of muck thrown up, particularly behind the front wheels. Other than a second rear fog light & decent reverse light bulbs it's that's about it - for now.
  13. It's a diesel by the way. Changed wheels to 18 inch, the 19's a little too harsh ride 18's much better. Keep tripping over the 19's & tyres in the garage, must do something about that soon. Fitted a second rear fog lamp, decent reverse light bulbs and a set of mud flaps. The flaps are quite shiny, that's the reflection of the tarmac you can see. The mud flaps came from: Reverse light bulbs from : Near side rear fog light is for the left hand drive version from local Ford dealer. Surprisingly in stock in UK from Ford. Fog lamp came with bulb and bulb holder & cost £27.50