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  1. Hi Dahill85. I could be totally wrong. But the Focus specialist who I take mine to was telling me about when you change the engine - to not change the clock. Said leaving the original clock in the car will get it to start. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi @Jonro2009. To be fair - it was really nice. Phantom Black. Engine sounded nice. A fob without key as it was a push start - really nice feature - I know the Zetec S comes with this but never had the chance to utilise it myself. The DEGAS pipe from the expansion tank had been changed from the original plastic that that particular model Focus was sold with - to the rubber piping. So that was a positive and I wouldn't have had to get that replaced. I didn't end up with it though and was a bit devastated as the colour, the push start and that front and rear diffuser would've had me sold - plus the deal that the lad was going to give me. But lucky enough a few days later I was offered a new job so I'm going to look at something newer in a couple of weeks. Thinking maybe between a 15 plate to 67 plate. I genuinely can't wait as I've been researching Focuses - old and new - for the last few years as my original intention a couple of years back was to try and acquire a 64 plate Zetec S (stunning model). Now my only dilemma is whether to invest in a 1.5 ST-Line or treat myself to an ST.
  3. Modders that Focus is absolutely stunning. I'm not surprised you're happy with it and driving it just because - I think I'd have to do the same. Really nice head turning colour too. I definitely agree with you about the car being right for you / fast enough for you and not needing to win take off's from traffic lights. As long as you're enjoying it I'm happy to hear your positive points regarding the car. Have you managed to get that brand new? I'm going to see it tomorrow and can't wait. I've drove a 63 plate 1.6 TDCI in 2015 and that was great. Really sturdy in comparison to my current car. I drove the 63 after a few months in a 2002 so it was like hopping in a space ship Like you mention also, the seating positions feel really solid and well built. I hope the one I see brings me as much joy as yours is bringing you...
  4. Morning all I am the current, and proud owner of a 2007 Ford Focus Zetec Climate 3-door hatchback 1.6 petrol. It has 93 on the clock and I've wanted a Zetec S for a long time. After reading that the Zetec S models are only cosmetic upgrades and without performance upgrades, I looked into an ST instead. First, a 2007 to basically upgrade the car I have now to it's top end sport variant (07 or 57 plate, would have preferred 57 but wouldn't have been a major - but did read that these models that were registered a bit later had a few less issues). I scrapped the idea and thought I'd go for something newer. I like the newer shape Zetec S also - 2012 to 2015. The 2014 is stunning and looks amazing in that, is it Midnight Blue paint job. I have come across a 2012 Zetec S 1.0. 85 on the clock but been assured of the full Ford Service History that comes with it. I always research a car's MOT History if I am interested in it and this hasn't failed any. I have done extensive searches on Ford's 1.0 Ecoboost Engine to check reviews and reliability. I don't tend to drive like an idiot and really look after my cars. But, as a realist, I also know that can't always prevent problems. I am wondering if anybody has any horror stories - or - glory, feel good stories about this particular car. Any reasons I should steer clear or follow my stupid, car enthusiast (Focuses really 😉), stubborn heart and go for it. Thank you. Focused87
  5. Top motor that Matt. I'm after a Focus ST-Line and wondering whether to get the 1.0 Turbo or 1.5 Turbo. The Mountune upgrade complies with Ford and keeps your warranty intact doesn't it? Either way that's a really nice job
  6. 2017 Ford Focus ST


  7. Ford Focus RS500


  8. I've had that before, usually occured in smaller cars eg. Corsa, Micra. 2006 Golf was a bit fiddly to get to exact position but was a good drive.
  9. Feel right at home in one - specially when I've found that perfect driving position. Top drive aswel a Focus. Nice direct feel.
  10. Same, I don't slouch in the car - I like to be able to see haha feel I have a better feel for the pedals when I sit upright. Very particular about this specific factor of driving "My mother sits with her face practically pressed against the windscreen, which irritates the crap out of me."
  11. That is one tidy, tidy motor Was going to mention the wheels after seeing the initial picture you posted but them rear lights are something else
  12. I can spend ages trying to adjust my seat to what I think is a one of a kind setting. I'm in a 2-door and tend to make backseat passengers enter and exit through the passenger side. Had a family member move my seat about a month ago - since then I've spent at least the last ten times in my car perfecting it back to my precise setting. Finally back to how it should be. Anyone have what they would consider their optimal driving position?
  13. Cheers Commencal appreciate it. Have to defo be the grey one - be nice in summer
  14. Hi all. I have a question regarding a new car (not brand new but newer than what I currently have). Contemplating a 2014 1.0 EcoBoost Zetec S. I've wanted a Zetec S for a while. I like the subtle bodykit. The possibility of a Push Start. The sportier appearance as opposed to that of the Zetec models. The Push Start isn't a deal breaker as I've heard it can be a bit of a hassle at times. Though it would be nice. As someone who decides with my head in most circumstances, I'd like to choose with my heart and go for it. I have a passion for driving that developed through being behind the wheel of a series of car's but one that's always stood out for me is a Focus. I've researched to see what I'm getting in to and read that Ford's 1.0 Litre Turbocharged 3-Cylinder EcoBoost engine is presently one of the best in this class. I've had a couple of 1.6's and wondering if I'll feel the difference dropping to a 1.0. If anyone has made this change, I'd like to hear from you and know your input. Was considering the 2010 / 60 but after getting some quotes - it's a lot cheaper to insure the newer cars eg. 2014, 2015 etc. Anyone know of any pro's / con's for this particular car / Zetec S's in general? Also, does anybody know what perks would come of financing a car. I know a few people who've had insurance, tax, Servicing & MOT's thrown in. I'm just unsure whether these options would be offered on a 2014 car. Thanks