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  1. I'd do the same to be fair if I had somewhere to store one of my vehicles while the other was parked, if I had the money to run both. As I'm looking into an ST it'd be nice to keep the 1.6 so I could treat myself to a drive in the ST now and then - but I think it'll be nice (probably not fuel costs 😂) to have some power in my daily driver. The Titanium or Titanium X are top cars I enjoy the thought of having similar features to the Zetec S / ST-Line (Ford Power push start) and the Titanium features themselves eg electric windows in the back as well as the front. Always liked the Titanium model right back to the MK 2. I've read the ST is slower than you'd expect and not one for racing at lights. That's fine for me as I just want some power if I require it and would really just like a bit of responsiveness from my engine, not to mention the breathing room it'll have when I hit motorway speeds. The 1.6 I have doesn't seem to have breath at 50 - 60mph. It'll keep going but I always feel like I'm pressuring the engine when I hear it screaming. I read online that the 1.6 Naturally Aspirated engine I currently have in the 2007 is known as the 'wheezy engine'. Would you agree with this? It sounds about right (but that's my experience with it having owned a MK 1 Focus 1.6 also) but I'm not knocking its reliability as I'll give credit wherever it's due. I hear you about the 1.0 EcoBoost longevity maybe not being the same as the 1.6 Naturally Aspirated. But for as many horror stories I hear and read regarding the EcoBoost Engine range - I've also read it's won a lot of awards and been praised by many. Although I'd take a fellow owner's opinion over an award or an online review. Still, with it being a MK 3.5 you're going for I'd like to think you'd be free of any issues and with any luck you'll be able to relax and enjoy it. Definitely agree regarding interiors, I drove my brother's Focus when I was learning how to drive. Over 10 years ago and was a MK 1. They just feel homely to me. I may own something different later on in life but if I currently look at cars. It's a Focus. Appreciate the heads up on the ST front, it states water pump and timing belt completed (around 50k) but done when seller got the car so no paperwork. On my post about it I've been informed to assume the work hasn't been done if there's no paperwork. So after some research I've read that having the belt and block mod done at the same time is around £700. DreamScience in Hull was mentioned for owners looking for somewhere that can do this work.
  2. Haha I won't ask where you're based I didn't want to put too much in case someone saw it, like yourself possibly recognise it and decide they wanted it first 😂 😂 😂 It's one of the one's I've found with better mileage (not amazing mileage I know) as a lot of them are 100k+ which is why I'm taking the time to find one that's been looked after and cared for. How much is the one on the Facebook post going for? With you saying assume the work hasn't been done if there's no paperwork - Is there any dangers to buying this particular reg of ST-2 if the timing belt and water pump haven't been done? Would you recommend block mod work and how much is this usually? Does it sound like anything else would need work carried out - mechanical wise? Wasn't thinking of modifying or mapping but is the RS clutch worth it? I read it's about a grand including fitting. Cheers Luke 😁
  3. I can second that. I have the 2007 with the 1.6 N/A - it is strong and reliable. Quite smooth as well. That will be a good comparison to make. Do you think you'll probably fall for the MK 3.5 as it's newer though, updated interior, newer engine feel etc? I know I would. I think the updated Focus interiors - maybe 2015 onwards is presented well. I've seen VW / Audi interiors and understand when people make the comparison and say the Focus isn't as upmarket but I genuinely don't mind. I like the Golf GTi / GTD interiors but would still own the Focus over it. I'm currently looking at a 2006 ST-2. Would you say the 2.5 that is in that is as reliable as the 1.6 N/A?
  4. Hi. I'm currently looking into a 2006 (56) Ford Focus ST-2. - - - - - The ad states. Mileage: 77,000 but steadily rising as still in daily use. Plenty of tread as tyres changes not long ago. Front discs and pads done recently. All common faults fixed including alternator, oil filter housing and cv boot. Full timing belt kit and water pump done at about 50k. Aux belts and tensioners always looked after. Always used premium fuel. Passed MOT a month ago - No Advisories. Part Service History. 2 Previous Owners. Bad bits. Age related marks on the body. Slight lacquer peel on rear wheel arch. Front number slight curb rash. Bonnet latch broken but can still open. - - - - - I'd like people's opinions on what they think the price of this car is on sale for. I'm taking into consideration the work done on the car. The Part Service History. The broken bonnet latch and body marks mentioned. I know a private sale probably feels like somebody from a dealership coming to knock money off every chip and scratch but I'm realistic with cars of certain ages, I understand the marks will be there. As long as it hasn't affected performance or been severe Category damage I usually don't mind as it gives me things to go and get done with the car after I've purchased it. I've spoke to seller. Assured me it's not been modified or mapped which is what I'm after. It's been looked after and not thrashed as its been used as a family car for last few years. All paperwork apart for timing belt and water pump (says this was done when first got the car off friend a few years ago) but welcomed me to bring someone along to inspect it for condition. I'm really just looking for advice. I've done a lot of research on Focuses over the years so I'm aware of what to be cautious of or looking out for. But any advice is welcome. I've conducted an MOT History Check on the vehicle and I'm satisfied with it's previous. I'd usually expect to see this Reg (2006 / 56) and mileage (77k+) for about £4,500 - £5,500 give or take, dealership might slam another grand on. Would anyone on here who knows their Focuses, the ST variants and their prices - tell me what they'd expect to see this car priced at? I'm presenting the question like this as I'd like to know I'm not looking at a write off price. Thank you for anybody who didn't pass out reading this. Cheers Ford chaps. F87
  5. Hi Dahill85. I could be totally wrong. But the Focus specialist who I take mine to was telling me about when you change the engine - to not change the clock. Said leaving the original clock in the car will get it to start. Hope this helps.
  6. Top one Tom. That's exactly what I aim to do. I was thinking about it yesterday and it'd been arranged for me to go and see it today. But it feels a bit rushed, I'm still doubtful regarding the mileage and a few other things including engine spec etc. It's a lot of money to be doubtful with. Plus I've felt all the excitement of a slow, boring engine with pretty expensive tax for the last few years in a 2007 1.6. Oh the joys 😂 So definitely wouldn't mind something with a bit of kick behind it. Wouldn't be able to be happy knowing every time I start it it's already 100,000 miles plus into it's life. It's definitely going to be a patience game as, ideally, I'd like to hold out for a 1.6 EcoBoost 180ps. 2014 model would be great as these are stunning but with a revised chassis, suspension etc. Then again, if it turns out to be a 2012 / 13 or 150ps unit I wouldn't be deterred. Cheers TomsFocus I appreciate the help and information you've provided. F87
  7. Cheers TomsFocus. Yes it is the Ti-VCT engine. It doesn't specify it on the ad itself but yes the Ti-VCT. The 123bhp model. Would've preferred the 182bhp model but the one I've seen is miles out and is a bit pricier. I've had a voicemail from the seller informing me it's had the belt changed and the water pump also (unsure how important the water pump change is). More reliable than the EcoBoost plant with the turbo but you would still recommend giving it a miss? Any info always appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Apologies that's my fault I wasn't clear on the specs. That's a petrol. The mechanic I speak to told me only a week ago that you don't worry about high mileage on diesels. I've drove a few diesels to be fair but never owned one. Never been keen on them but finding a decent 2014 Focus Zetec S is usually a diesel. If reconditioning the injectors at £75 each was an option with the petrol engine I'd probably do the same as yourself and get them all done. With you mentioning mileage yourself regarding your Fiesta. Is there anything else you reconditioned / refurbished in the engine? Cheers Zain611
  9. Hi. As per mentioned in the title. If I've read correctly, Ford introduced the EcoBoost idea in 2011 (correct me if I'm wrong). If I could locate a 2014, petrol Zetec S I would. But. The Zetec S 1.6 in question is a 2011 with 119,000 on the clock. Decent Service History. Questions:- 1. Would this engine still be reliable to go for another say 4 / 5 years with non heavy use (maybe drive it every few days)? 2. Is there anything that could be changed in the engine to prolong the life or breathe new life into it? 3. Would it be wise to steer clear all together? Thanks FOC 😁
  10. Cheers Dtulip8. That's one of the things I've yet to look in to is the gauges so I appreciate the heads up with that information. Would you recommend RS clutch when I eventually get an ST? I'm not looking to modify and map but more so for the longevity of the car and to prolong it's life span. Thanks 😁
  11. I haven't but could you recommend anywhere to get one (I'm in Manchester) or any particular one to get? All the reviews on the trader were glowing about this place I saw this stunning blue ST-2 but when I Google'd the place there was a few bad, bad reviews about the people working there. I usually look for a private sale, for someone who's cared for the car and maintained it well. I should know myself to stay clear of dealerships and showrooms (or certain ones anyway). Diagnostic tool sounds like the piece of kit I need. If you got any to recommend let me know. I'll also look for some too. Cheers Zain611 😁
  12. Hi Dtulip8. Cheers for the information. Do you know anything about Faraday bags or any other extra security measures to take for when I eventually get a Push Start?
  13. Cheers zain611 I just got a bit weary when he seemed rushed looking for paperwork and then agitated when he couldn't locate it. That paperwork is really the only documentation we have to prove the cars been looked after (if you can't just tell by looking at the car itself). I would have felt the same to be honest had someone said they'd send it over and then not do so after you've paid. The first Focus I bought had black tape wrapped around the o/s wing mirror but as that particular panelling and part of the car was black I didn't realise til I'd brought it home. Wasn't major or anything, just would have been nice to have someone be honest. But there's lessons in these details. I definitely wouldn't say I know everything to look for when I go to look at a car but made sure I done enough research over time to know what to be aware of when looking at certain cars (mainly Focuses as that's what I enjoy). Have you done anything to the Fiesta while you've owned it?
  14. Recently saw a 2008 Focus ST-2. Decent price as it's got 120,000 mileage. The cambelt has been changed. I'm waiting for exact details from the seller (I've requested the registration so I can conduct an MOT History check and I've asked whether it's been modified or tuned in any way). I have done, and always do plenty of research regarding the common faults and what would need to be replaced. I watch and read plenty of buyer's guides. So currently I'm aware of possible lines cracking (read that this does not necessarily only happen to modified examples), to check for the mayonnaise type substance in the oil filler, mechanic informed me to remove dipstick to check for any grit in the oil and said do the same for water / coolant tank. Misfire at start up. Common areas for rust. Make sure it doesn't sound like a kettle sitting at idle. If there's anything I'm missing, any information is well appreciated. Would anybody avoid this particular 2008 registration of Focus ST-2? Would the Volvo 2.5T variant used in the Focus ST be prone to any issues, damage at 100,000+ Miles? Thank you for any advice 😁
  15. Haha regarding the fuel (not to mention tax increase etc) I'd be able to handle these factors. I thought the insurance would be the main issue but pretty much stays the same. I'm unsure with leather I've had it before in an earlier Focus Silver and the summer deterred me. I've got cloth now and don't mind it. Also, and correct me if I'm wrong, I read the ST-2 has keyless start but not keyless entry (don't want keyless entry as I think the fob signal could be activated to gain entry). I've looked into Faraday Bags, steering locks and clamps to try and offset any concerns with the vehicle's security. Have you any ideas on this front and any knowledge as to whether Faraday bags work? Top 1 Luke4efc