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  1. Snapped Aerial!!!

    All fixed, dropped it off this morning at the garage and was changed within an hour! Excellent service from my dealer again. That will teach me to put a half decent looking aerial on the roof rather than the ugly standard
  2. Snapped Aerial!!!

    Hey guys, Got my buckled alloy replaced, picked the car up at 1pm, went shopping and came back to find that some person has snapped the aerial and base off!!! Just returned to the ford garage i picked the car up from just 4 hours ago and told it needs to be replaced :( Bad start to the month for me........
  3. Hey guys, driving home from work tonight and i hit a pothole (which i didn't see, i suaually always avoid them and it hit the passenger front side with an almighty bang! I have the MK7 16" "10 spoke alloys". The strange thing is that I was planning on buying 17" aftermarket alloys tomorrow There's now a violent shake when i reach the 70-80 mph speed and think it may be buckled! My old MK6 Fiesta had hit numerous pot holes and never had such a problem! My mate reckons it might not be buckled and be a combo of needing tracking done and a few weights have been knocked off that wheel due to the pothole? My main question is, i purchased the MK7 on September 1st 2010, Would i still be within the cover period for the Alloys? I heard someone say they're covered for the 1st 6 months or 1 year or something on here? :( HELP!
  4. Mk 7 Drl's

    Sounds like a good DIY job I think
  5. Hi guys, I currently have the 16" standard alloys. I was considering the street pack 17" alloys. I have since decided against the street pack alloys and now want to go with a different set. Upon checking various alloy websites they have different sizes of 17" alloys. What is the correct size (same as the street pack alloys) 17" x what? Most seem to be 17x7 is this correct?? Cheers in advance!
  6. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    How can i tell if my alloys are buckled? I only bought my Fiesta in September and this concerns me greatly, i have the 16" 5 spoke alloys!
  7. Bluetooth

    The Fiesta Zetec S (60 Plate) bluetooth works perfectly with my iPhone 4 (running iOS 4.2.1)
  8. Gel badge overlays

    I've applied them to my wheels mate > http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16668&st=0&p=103571&fromsearch=1entry103571
  9. What To Do Next?

    My mate said the same thing, to get the current sprayed Gloss black! Did you get yours lowered by a garage or diy? Cheers also! ;)
  10. What To Do Next?

    Hey guys, looking for a bit of advice tbh! What to do next to the Fiesta.....it's a Frozen White 60 plate Zetec S 1.6 TDCI (95). I've done a few basic so far (very basic lol). I was thinking of getting the Spoiler add-on done the same (keeping it black) as seen here (click me) Tax Disc Replaced Debadged Full Backend Applied Black & White Ford Badge Overlays Rear Limo Window Tints I'm a noob when it comes to all this modding, previously i owned a basic Fiesta MK 6.5 Style (Ocean Blue) and never bothered doing anything to it. I'm thinking different alloys...the current are 16" and thinking of 17" maybe to beef it up a bit? I'm looking for a bit of advice on what else to do with it! Any help/advice is appreciated as always!
  11. Pic Needed Of Mk7 Air Vent

    Where did you get the carbon surround from?? I would love to get White ones for mines!
  12. Debadged Help Required

    This is the residue that it left. The other 2 badges were fine and left nothing.....this is the aftermath of the zetec s though! Thus why i need the remover :P
  13. Dmb Gel Overlays

    Hi guys, got my DMB Gel badges a few days ago and finally got a dry day to put them on. I own a Frozen White Zetec S so when with a Black and White badge combo as seen below. Thoughts? I quite like it I am very impressed, they change the car quite a bit (to me anyway) as i wanted to go with a Black/White theme on the car! :D
  14. Very nice!!! Gonna get mines done, also a White ZS! Did you for it yourself?? If done by Mountune dealer how much fitted?? Very nice though, sexy!
  15. Debadged Help Required

    Best places to buy it? Cheers for the help also!