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  1. Hi all i have an issue with the lights on my 2004 Mondeo left work last night drove home to find i had no rear running lights but head lights were on. I have no side lights or number plate lights my main & high beam lights work break & reverse lights work and indicators work i checked the fuses in the car they were fine but i have found fuse f21 in the ebgine bay blown i replaced it turned lights on and it blow again according to the manual it's the light switch found my switch be faulty?
  2. Hey guys i have an issue i have a mk3 2004 Mondeo last night i left work jumped in and found that when i have the lights on i lose power to the radio when i turn the lights off the radio works anyone got any ideas? I've seen the radio only work when lights on in other vehicles.
  3. Hi all i have a clunk noise when i change from 1st to second but not when i change into any other gears regardless of who smooth I change gear any ideas,?
  4. Hi all i have a 2004 modeo 1.8 petrol it's done 98k and I'm having issues selecting reverse some times it goes in no probs other times i have to force it in especially reverse but when i select first then back into reverse it goes in fine.
  5. Hi all ny focus mk1 is durcab MOT it's the first time ive put it in for an MOT since buying it but i have a couple of issues and wonder if it will fail ? The offside wing mirror is currently being held on by an elastic band but the glass is not broken and the offside front fog light lens is broken but still works
  6. I read else where in the forum that if I park on level ground and try and pull away in 3rd and it does then the clutch is ok if I try it in 4th and it does then the clutch is in great condition ?
  7. Hi all I am looking for advice I was out driving today and noticed my revs were higher than my speed when changing gear. But when I go into first and release the clutch it's not near the floor and when I go into 3,4,5 it pulls away fine. I checked the brake clutch fluid level and it's beyond low could topping up the fluid fix it or do I need a new clutch ? I've only had the car a couple months so no idea when the clutch was put on. It's a 2001 1.8 turbo diesel.
  8. The cables for the speakers wouldn't carry voltage at 3 volts though.
  9. Did u sorry mate I can't find my original post
  10. Tried that the wires to the speakers are a different colour
  11. Hi all I have a focus and the wiring harness has been cut I am trying to figure out the wiring but need some help I have found the 12v but cannot find speakers I have one set that has between 1 to 3 volts running through it which is the cables at the front of my pic any help would be great
  12. Hi all I have just bought a 2001 focus salon it didn't have a radio so I need to install one the harness has been cut and im having an issue fining the speaker csbles. I have six cables that have between 1to 3 volts running through it I have found my 12v + and -. I have attached a pic of the cables I have the cables at the front of the pic are the ones with the small voltage any help is appreciated