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  1. Well after about 4 months of ownership my little van is going. Ive been in a battle with the dealer I bought it from pretty much since I bought it, It has a gear box issue aswell as some sort of throttle problem and also a knock on the steering which they tell me is dry rubbers on the top mounts.... I almost forgot to mention I found out shortly after purchase that one of the front wheels was quite buckled. I have been tearing my hair out as the dealer have had the van on one occasion for a week covering about 100 kilometers in it and having the cheek to tell me they cant find any fa
  2. I dont know, But what a t**t. Casually drives off after nearly causing a serious accident.
  3. As above.... Plus tinted rear windows, Maybe lower it and paint your wheels grey or black, Paint your calipers and drums if it has them on the back. Led reg plate lights aswell as interior, Change headlight bulbs for brighter/whiter ones. Give the paint a treat with clay bar, polish n wax.
  4. Yes they are standard headlights, If your Fiesta is a pre face lift they will fit, I clicked on your profile and it says yours is a 2011 so yes they are the correct lights.
  5. Just took delivery of this bad boy, Cant wait to fit it in the back....
  6. I will have a look through ebay and see what there is. I found a facelift zetec in a breakers yard over here and had the alloy wheels, leather gear knob and Im going back tomorrow for the space saver/jack/wheel brace, As mine has the stupid tyre weld kit. The dash had already gone from the zetec but the sony stereo was discarded on the back seat, Wouldve been a nice upgrade but I think it was knackered. I wanted the door cards as mine are horrible but I went back for them and the doors had gone.
  7. Hi Ian, yes the four spoke wheel is nice and is something I will have a think about. Depends on what sort of price I could source one for.... Its a budget build as its my work van, Im just trying to tart it up abit and make it abit more appealing inside and out. I realise its never going to look like a titanium spec but Im having abit of fun as my last few cars have been decent spec new cars.... Ive kind of missed adding things and going through the process of making them look better etc.
  8. Ive just got cheapo local china shop ones in mine, Map light and footwell, Theyve been fine so far. Ive got a 12 inch light bar on the way for the back (Mines a fiesta van) going to wire it into the exist boot light.
  9. Ok thankyou, I will have a look tomorrow and do something with it. Im still gutted its not the earlier type with the hinge though.
  10. Is yours the type like mine, Without the bottom hinge then ?
  11. I know the 'secret compartment' thing is old news now, But tonight I decided to open mine up and decide how I was going turn it into a functional opening and closing hatch. To my dissapointment mine doesnt have the hinge at the bottom which allows it to swing open/close. Mine sort of just clips in kind of like it does at the top. Has anyone else on here got the same kind of panel on their Fiesta (without the hinge) and if so been able to do something with it or convert it to the hinge type. Cheers, Steve
  12. Depends on you but I wouldnt stop over, I did over 600 last year from Santander to Malaga with a pee break here and there.
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