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  1. Ah too long then, il go for the bosh one then. One question though, I've read some places you need to memory save car before changing battery? No idea on this as i naively thought you can just swap batteries over.?
  2. Hi all, Noobie question, Looking to replace battery in my ford focus 13 plate (mk3), ive looked on car parts 4 less ect and euro car parts and there a ton of batteries to choose from, i know il need a EFB type as my car has stop start, but other than that any suggestions? Currently thinking of this https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/bosch-efb-100-car-battery-3-year-guarantee-444779018 or https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/varta-efb-110-car-battery-3-year-guarantee-444779082 Any help be much apreciated.
  3. just to say thanks for this guide, literally had buckets of water coming out of car, complete removal of carpet and form, left to dry for a week before refitting and resealing everything! I still think ford should be make more aware of this problem and they defiantly should cover what is clearly a manufacturing problem.
  4. Amazon, I'm starting to think this now... I double checked and I did install them correctly, also checked my light settings and they are at correct level too. Last thing before I complain to amazon is, could it be my car battery maybe low or not giving lights enough power? (wild guess I know). Everyone I have spoken too says I should notice quite a difference and to be honest it's quite rubbish atm. I'll try get some pictures tomorrow and see what you guys think.
  5. Afternoon all, Recently fitted some OSRAM Night Breaker Laser lights (H7) to replace my default ones on 2013 Ford focus. After installing them, which was simple enough, they seem rubbish, as in they don't seem to shine at all very high into road, very low compared to old ones. I don't know what's going on as I'm hoping it just bad fitting but then replacing lights pretty hard to mess up, given they only go in one way and the actual light unit fits in only one way it seems too. Any ideas what going on? Thanks as always
  6. Guess it's a put a back job then.
  7. Hi all, I'm in process of drying out my entire for ford focus 13 plate after fixing the boot leak issue.... Thanks again to those who Brough this to everyone's attention, still can't believe Ford doesn't cover this for more than 1 year, shocking!. My question is : the sponge underlay beneath the carpet is in a pretty bad way, mouldy and saturated. I've removed most of it and currently trying to dry it out, but is it possible to get replacement underlay?? All I can find is replacement carpet not the underlay so any help be much appreciated.
  8. Sorry, it's a 1.6 diesel. 13 plate. Regarding what I should expect to replace (it's at 97k miles) I'm guessing timing belt, Aux belt, all the tensioners/pulleys, water pump as said above?
  9. Hi all, Very annoyingly due to work car was left and not driven, rust built up and failed recent Mot (13 plate focus). Everything else passed easily. I had to get new brakes and pads (BREMBO) and cost £220, obviously about 70 odd quid more than buying yourself including labour, so not horrendous but got me bit worried. I need a new cam belt kit (so everything that entails) soon, I can't get a garage to fit any parts I buy myself so have to purchase through them. Question is, what sort of price am I looking at, at a top end? Just so I know more than X probably get
  10. Hi all. Have a 13 plate ford focus and its been quite reliable so far(touch wood). I have typically now entered the problematic stages of things i can feel starting to go wrong as it enters into 90k miles (its a diesel ), firstly a lovely boot leak..... My question is, in regard to service intervals and maintenance of the car ie which parts to replace at what millage ect, im finding it difficult to find good reliable information as a few sites have contrasting advice. Could you suggest a good place to look for such info, as looking to replace things before they go wr
  11. Evening gents, I have a 13plate ford focus with 50 k odd miles and due for its service (12.5) minor one. Looking to do as much work as possible myself, what things should I be looking to do, obviously oil change and air filter come to mind. Second question is il need a stamp to keep it within Warrenty, so question is, is it worth doing work myself then getting garage to check over work for stamp, or just get garage to do all work as isn't much needed in a minor. Any help much appreciated
  12. Hi all, Need some advice on getting new car, will be primarily used for traveling between London and Plymouth for work, so milage quite high as do this journey every weekend. Looking for reliable,comfortable and cheap to run car, I've narrowed down to either focus or Mondeo based on friends and having a focus previously. It will obviously be diesel. Any help on which would be better and pros and cons be great, price point looking around 7k for a second hand. Cheers
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