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  1. Hi all, i'm coming back to the topic with a final conclusion over my 'bad' experience with the EGR valve, in hope that it could also help somebody else out there. Finally it's all solved. After having the second new EGR valve installed from my mechanic, the problem was still there, but the car had a better response for some reason. But the garage had no other clear ideas, so I decided to go to Ford to hopefully come to an end and to stop using the car in this way that for sure would create other problems after a while. So I went to a different Ford garage ( in the first one the
  2. It is not good news...today the mechanic from the garage will contact a guy in Ford to try to understand a bit better what could be behind this all...they also want somehow to understand better..I was quite lucky that the garage decided to fit a genuine Valeo without additional expanses for me because for them was also all very strange...Let's see what will happen with Ford. I'll maybe try to re-measure the VREF or the new Valeo. I don't know which system the garage is using, forgot to ask but for sure it's not Forscan and neither Ford IDS, it's a kind of portable tool in the dimensi
  3. Hi all, Igor thanks for the data and for the confirmation that the egr valve should open up to 98% and not 70% like in my case. Anyway the guys at the garage today substituted the Pierburg valve with a genuine Valeo model that you can see here in photo ( and of course performed the reset procedure ) So it looks the same like the one Andy has got ( for some reason a number is missing on it - *9672880080* ) but there was also the box with the model number 700414 and not 700412 as should be from the list from Valeo that i've posted yesterday. Anyway it didn
  4. Hi Igor, just to give a short feedback before you buy and replace maybe for nothing your working EGR valve....the DTC you are getting it's not surely an EGR valve problem...could be quite more than normal carbon build up in the whole EGR system ( that's not only the EGR valve, there's the cooler and several pipes ) and maybe it should be cleaned... the EGR is for sure to be cleaned or substituted when stuck open or closed, so it cannot at all operate properly. I was getting this error also but the car was working fine but only when the valve was stuck open for some reason it needed to be
  5. Hi Andy, thanks a lot for this...it confirms even more my theory...the genuine EGR for the Focus is Valeo...the number on yours anyway differs from my old one....do you maybe have the 90hp engine? I have already asked the garage to provide the Valeo 700412 Egr and will post the results.
  6. Hi Andy, thanks a lot for this feedback, I think it really says a lot. Is it possible for you to find out which EGR was last installed? Maybe you have it on an invoice or something or you could just take a picture of the cap where the brand and the model N. is! Thank you very much
  7. only a detail I found on official Ford repair manuals: http://workshop-manuals.com/ford/focus_2004.75_07.2004/mechanical_repairs/3_powertrain/303_engine/303-08c_engine_emission_control_1.6l_duratorq-tdci_(dv)_diesel/description_and_operation/diagnosis_and_testing/engine_emission_control/ "If a new EGR valve is installed. The base setting (closed position) value must be configured to the PCM. This is initiated using WDS. If the base setting is not configured to the PCM, the setting from the previous EGR valve will be used and the control function of the EGR system will be incorrect."
  8. I'm not sure technically, but it seems than that due to higher voltage in closed position, the new valve is not getting enough current to move...But than how is it possible to move it from Forscan? Because this lower current limit in the ECU is being forced? Anyway it's clear that without a working Valeo i'll not find an answer... I'll come back with hopefully a final verdict...
  9. Hi Peter, today I had some more time and decided to re-check the measurments of the valve because I wanted to re-check this old valve. And than i've realized that yesterday I've inverted the direction of the pins, so the ref voltage anyway is ok because comes from the two 2 pins on the extremes, but the VOUT measurments were totally wrong...I'm sorry....but here is what i've discovered new: New valve: VOUT closed: 1,16 V ( 1,25 V when I delete the DTC with Forscan ) VOUT open: 4,13 V Old valve: VOUT closed: 0,28 V VOUT open: 4,77 V For the
  10. Hi Peter, yes it's really bad luck with old valve, but this also explains the reason why it was not working, something went wrong in the circuit and now as you say appears as a totally open circuit to the ECU. The only thing to do would be to open the new valve and see if when commanded with Forscan to 70% it's really fully open or not, but I don't want to do that now because anyway the valve is new and I should have some warranty on it in case it will be replaced. The EGRVR should actually be the EGR duty cycle in Forscan ( anyway I don't have idea what a EGR duty cycle is ) an
  11. Hi Peter, thanks to your input I was able to make some measurements by myself. I,ve found the old valve, was still at the garage. So i measured the new and old valve in open and closed position with ignition on and engine off. For the new valve I've commanded it with Forscan ( works also with engine off, but only after deleting the DTCs ) and for the old one, as long it's somehow damaged and doesen't move, i've moved manually the fork from one end position to the other ( i've separated the electric part from the mechanical ). All the measurement i did with the connector plugged and using
  12. And pins 2 and 3, is this the power supply to the egr motor? so 12V? thank i'll try it out and post the results
  13. Hi Peter, thanks for the nice drawings and the back-probe advice, i'll try. So if I got it right I should have 5V between pins 5 and 1 and a Vout between 4 and 1? I'll ask the guys in the garage if the old EGR is still around....but that one was stuck open, does this influence the Vout that I should get from it?
  14. Hi Peter, tried today to command also the throttle valve for Forscan, infact is possible to command the EGR valve and also the throttle valve, while engine on idle. When i was changing throttle valve value from 0 to 100% the engine was changing sound and stalled-died when value was 100%. I think the throttle valve is ok. I've identified it's position, should it be good to dismount it and give a clean? I could measure for the 5V if they are coming in on ignition on, but how can i do that? Can I unplug the connector and simply measure what comes on the cables? Which pins should I measure?
  15. Hi Peter, thank you for the reply. I think you are right concerning the EGR test after ignition off. I remember, when everything was working fine, when turning off the engine clear 3-4 click-clack sounds were happening: this was the EGR test and cleaning operation the ECU was doing by closing and opening some times the valve. This is not happening anymore. All the checks you are suggesting are good points and should be checked. I'm afraid at the garage ( it's a small local one ) there's nobody with good electrical capability to check all the wiring till the ECU. How to check the throttle
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