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  1. Service Oil Information Message - Help!

    Sorry, I don't know if it is the same procedure for the button start. Hopefully one of the other forum members can confirm one way or the other.
  2. Service Oil Information Message - Help!

    Thank you Keiran for your quick response. You replied as I was typing in the solution. Thanks again.
  3. Service Oil Information Message - Help!

    Worked it out! Procedure below for others who may not know. 1. Get in car ensure all doors are closed. 2. Press both the accelerator and the brake pedal and hold them down at the same time. 3. Swith the ignition ON but do not start the engine. 4. Display will show message Service:Oil reset in prog. 5. Wait about 15 seconds - the display will show the message Service:Oil reset complete. 6. Take both feet of pedals. 7. Press OK to close. 8. Swith OFF ignition - then ON again - message should have gone. If not - repeat above procedure.
  4. The 'Service Oil' information message came on yesterday. I've now had the oil and filter replaced but the information message will not cancel. I'd be grateful for any suggestions please. (Mk4 Mondeo 2ltr 140 57 plate)
  5. I noticed that the brake/clutch fluid level was at minimum on my Mk IV. I bought some DOT 4 fluid to top it up but on opening the cap I found that the fluid was near the top of the filler neck and could not top the fluid up. Has anyone else come across this issue, and resolved it? 2007 Mondeo MK IV 2ltr (140) Diesel
  6. Debonding Mobile Phones

    1. Press the 'Phone' button on the audio unit. 2. Press the 'Menu' button on the audio unit. 3. Select 'Debond' option on the audio unit. 4. Scroll through the different phones by using the 'SEEK' buttons and select the phone to be debonded.
  7. Rusty door

    Sounds like a bit of a cowboy job to me with shotcuts taken on the preparation. As you say, I guess it will remain a mystery. My experience has certainly taught me to look a lot closer before buying. A hard lesson! Hope you track down a door - be prepared to haggle though!
  8. Rusty door

    I had a similar experience a year or two ago and had the same arguments with the Ford Dealer. The car was also an ex-lease car. It turned out that a new door skin had been applied to the door obviously following a bump. During the fitting of the door-skin the drain holes in the door had been blocked up and therefore water could not escape - result - rust along the bottom of the door. The dealer told me they were not liable and that they were unaware that the car had previously been in an accident causing a new door skin to be fitted. I trawled scrap car dealers until I found a sound replacement door (£30) plus the cost of a door spray job which didn't cost a lot as I got a mate to do it.
  9. Annoying Squeak

    A week after buying a Mondeo Ghia 2L TDCi (140) (57 plate) the car developed a really annoying squeak that seemed to be coming from the interior somewhere, and only when the car was being driven. I finally tied it down to the door seals on both the near side doors. It appears to be caused by the rubber seals on the doors rubbing against the seals on the door surrounds on the body of the car - possibly due to polish being applied during the pre-handover valet. The simple solution is to rub into all the seals a cream compound called Einsett Gummi Pfege - available on E-Bay. The primary function of the compound is to revitalise rubber seals and prevent the rubber seals from sticking in the event of a hard frost but is also cures the squeaking problem. I hope this will help others with the same problem.