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  1. Thanks for the advice but I have replaced both the spark plugs and HT leads with no improvement. The car does not seem to miss fire when it becomes jerky, you do not even notice the gaugues move at all but you just feel it, no odd sounds either.
  2. I have noticed it is doing it with a full tank as well and like the other person commented it does it worse in the cold. It also does it now when you keep a constant throttle position between 2000 and 3000 with it being worse at around 2100. Could it be the duel mass flywheel as my clutch's biting point is really high? I think I have no choice but to take it to a ford dealer sometime and will let you know the outcome.
  3. Quick Update. Replaced the coil pack, no difference. Have also tried some fuel system cleaner after talking to some garages, this made it slightly better. I now have no more ideas on what to do next, so any ideas are welcome. In the mean time I have fitted some Eibach springs and bluefin onto my car, both I would highly recomend. The Eibach springs give a slightly stiffer ride but iprove the handling greatly and reduce the body roll in bends while the bluefin gives the car better throttle response and seems to be more urgent through the rev range. Definatly makes overtaking easier on the back roads where I live. Oh and by the way I wrecked the old coil pack to get it out.
  4. Ok bought the coild pack after confirming the part numbers are the same. Got it today and look identicle except for the missing motorcraft sticker (U can see the glue residue where it once was). Tried to fit it tonight but no luck, the torque bolts were done too tight and wrecked one of the heads and my driver. Going to go get a new driver and tomorrow. I will have to remove the coil pack mounting plate to get more space to remove those blasted bolts (Thinking i might have to drill the wrecked one out).
  5. Hi Guys Thanks for your advice, I will go and purchase a coil pack and try it later in the week. Cross fingers it works cos its starting to really annoy me. Also going to fit some Eibach lowering springs at the weekend and look at doing the rear trailing arm bushes. Does this coil pack look like the right one? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/COIL-PACK-IGNITION-F...id=p3286.c0.m14 Thanks Paul
  6. My ST170 has started to do some odd things when it comes to accelerating. At roughly 2100 rpm to 2800 the acceleration is not smooth at all but below and above that it seems fine. Also when keeping a constant throttle position in between these revs the engine hunts and feels like you are constantly dabbing the throttle. I have recently done a full service including fuel filter. Am personally thinking its something to do with the variable intake manifold. Any ideas? Need to get it sorted as it annoying the hell out of me.