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  1. 1- no after update You still have NA fq.. 3. upgrade :) I think You must first upgrade 4.32xxx to 3.08xxx second updrade from 3.08xxx to 3.10xxx If You want EUR fq... You need change bits in ACM :)
  2. No. Those futures must be enabled in IPC :D
  3. Many people want to back from 3.10.16180 to 3.08.xxxx .Sometimes have small problems :( .We have downgrade soft ;) update Sync2 system to version 3.8.15128US ONLY : HERE unpack on USB stick (FAT32) Go to car >run engine and radio>remove all devices from usb/sd>put USB with upgrade to USB port>system will be updated and restart few times > wait about 30min to end instalation > You have info INSTALATION COMPLETE all and 3.10 only for NA (USA/CAN/AUS etc) HERE vinc
  5. Perfect .... but many peoples only SOLD this soft
  6. Language Pack 3 - German, English (British), French, Italian:
  7. This is no longer important. Guy sells here and in other forums. Pour it
  8. Hey I have heard that someone is selling the software I have here :(. It is not pleasant That's why I only have licenses to activate navigation from now on vinc
  9. Licenses for 3.08.15128 and 3.10.16180 is no problem . Write PM