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  1. Hello all, looking for some advice on my Fiesta Zetec S- which on the whole has been a good reliable car However recently I have noticed when I am approaching and hit 3000rpm, its as if this hollow humming noise coming from the engine as it is cruising along kicks in, which is loudest when in 5th gear, 3000rpm 65ish mph. Its a hard to really accurately describe it however the car still drives normally, but I am concerned that this noise is getting progressively louder however its at its loudest when it is sat bang on 3000rpm. I tried to get a video of it earlier whilst driving home whilst my phone was sat in its dock but it seems to have picked up more road noise The car has just past 68000 miles, and is a 59 plate, appreciate its a poor description of the problem, but hoping somebody may know something It has its service and MOT at the start of September, so I'm hoping it hangs on in there until then Thanks Alex
  2. New Wing Mirror Purchased, How To Fit?

    Thought I'd post here as I didn't see the need of creating a new thread, but is it as simple as removing the 13 mm nut with no need to remove the doorcard? I only ask as I noticed there was a star shaped screw to the left of the nut and I need to swap my mirror unit over after demolishing the one I have on at present
  3. Zetec S Skirt Cap - Missing Help

    I wasn't denying that they weren't telling the truth, merely displaying my disappointment for Ford wanting me to pay for a new Skirt to repplace a cheap plastic cap which shouldn't be falling of in the first place
  4. Zetec S Skirt Cap - Missing Help

    Mine came of last week on the motorway, FordPartsUK gave me the same "only sold as a whole" garbage
  5. Squeeking Front Wheel

    I'm almost certain this is what my Z-S is suffering from. 59 plate with just over 20,000 miles, and normally when the car is warm the drivers side wheel makes a high pitched squeaking noise, not frequent but most noticeable when crawling and turning to the right Took the car in on Monday, where Ford "claimed" they had taken it out (which they had as I noted the milage) but couldn't spot any problems with the car, however the "squeaking" is getting more frequent
  6. Technical Bods

    So the famous knock has now been sorted?!
  7. 1.3 encore engine or the 1.25 zetec

    1.25 everytime!
  8. On Tuesday I had my beloved Fiesta lowered on the -35m H&R springs, very happy with the way it looks However, and excuse the poor description, but I know little about cars so I'm hoping someone can share their knowledge if they have any ideas. Basically I currently have a problem with the drivers side strut, when going over heavy bumps it makes a single banging like sound, excuse the poor description but that’s the best way to describe it When test driving the car after the work was carried out, I brought this up at the garage who got it back up on the ramp and checked that the wheel nuts, the 3 top mount holding nuts, and checked underneath taking the weight of the front wheels to see if everything was secured, fine they told me, and I was there to see this been carried out They said it could possibly just be the springs "bedding in" as the guy there put it, as effectively changing the springs is altering the whole of the chassis, and if it continued to take it back next week and they'd get it sorted Has anybody else had any problem like this after lowering? As I find it hard to believe at the minute that this could be a bedding in process, especially considering that the passenger side strut, and the rear of the car are perfectly fine If anybody has any advice it would be appreciated!
  9. HID Thread

    My right one flickers quite a bit, I just put that down to the fact they were cheap chinese ones, I'll invest in some UK ones eventually
  10. Lowering

    I was lowered on eibachs on my Mk6 on 17's. No scrubbing at all
  11. Mk7 Exhaust

    How will this cat-back (for the 1.6) differ to the Mountune one? Any ideas on cost, looks or benefits performance wise?
  12. Fiesta Zetec